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How To Teach Your Son To Respect Women

 By Karla Downing


It is your job as a parent to teach your children. Much of this teaching has to be intentional. One of the things that you must be conscious of is how to teach your son to respect women. God created men and women to be different but not to be any less valuable. Throughout history, many women have been controlled, abused, and mistreated by men. Lead by example and treat women as equals and realize that they deserve to be treated with respect. Help raise your son’s to grow into respectful fair men, by following these lessons:


The First Lesson

Help him to recognize that God created him with a warrior spirit that is to be harnessed to protect rather than control women. Men need to use their physical strength to care for those they love rather than to dominate them.


The Second Lesson

Help him to respectfully listen to women even when he doesn’t understand them. Teach him the differences between men and women in order to help him appreciate rather than judge the differences. This will give him patience and a willingness to tolerate things that he doesn’t understand.


The Third Lesson

Teach him to respect his mother. If you tolerate disrespect from him as his mother then he will not respect other women. You also must give him an example of a woman who is worthy of respect in character and in behavior. Love him so he will not harbor anger in his heart toward you that comes out toward other women because of the wounds he has from hurts from you.


The Forth Lesson

Teach him to treat his sister with kindness and feel a responsibility to be a caring male in her life. It can even be healthy for him to watch her and protect her in a way that affirms his role as one man in her life who is to care for her and protect her.


The Fifth Lesson

Hold his father responsible for treating women respectfully. This means he must not view women as sex objects. He must be faithful to you as his wife. He has to view daughters as equal in value and ability as sons. He must not try to control you but love you. He must not be abusive to you or his children. If he does not do these things, you must make a stand that shows that his behavior is wrong.

About the Author: Karla Downing is an author, speaker, licensed marriage and family therapist, and Bible study teacher.


Photo credit: bies / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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