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I am Size Me:  How to Stop Hating Yourself 

By Cassidy Rich

I was reading an article the other day about a woman who was called “plus-sized” and how she was offended by it because she definitely did not consider herself to be plus-sized. A lot of women today seem to be obsessed with looking like super models and dieting like crazy to be beautiful. I admit that for the longest time I truly hated myself because I thought I was fat. I would see all these pretty ladies on covers of magazines and think, “I wish I could be that skinny.” It was not until this past year that I stopped hating myself and began to accept the way I am shaped. I only have one life and I want to live it to the fullest. Here is my list for how to stop hating yourself:

Realize that there really is only one you. No one else on Earth is like you. No other woman has your smile, personality, and laugh. You truly are unique. No one else has your combination of gifts and talents so use them to bring joy to others.

Be happy for other women. Do not look at women who are skinnier or curvier than you and think, “I wish I was like that.” Just be happy for them that they have that body shape. I used to look at other girls who I thought were skinny and wished to be like them. I ended up being angry all the time because I could never reach my “goal” of being that skinny. Being angry is no fun and people do not like it when you are angry all the time so choose to be happy!


Laugh out loud. I love laughing! It makes me feel happy and can turn a bad day into a bright and sunny one. If you think something is funny, just let out your giggles! You might be surprised at how much power a laugh can have.


Be an encourager. I have found that when I say to girl, “I like your dress” or “I read your post on Facebook. You are a really good writer!” it makes her feel like she is on top of the world. When you are known as someone who is always giving away complements and making others realize their value and worth, people will be drawn to you because you have such an uplifting attitude.


Enjoy your food. Do not be afraid to eat! I used to wake up in the morning literally afraid to eat because I thought that whatever I ate was going to cause me to gain five or ten pounds. You have probably heard it before, but this piece of advice is so true:  eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Savor every bite! I love it when I see other women at parties and social gatherings who are not afraid to enjoy what the host or hostess has prepared. Food is necessary for living so do not deprive yourself.


Say to yourself, “I am size me.” I have come to realize that I am not just one size. I cannot say to people, “I am a 7,” because I am not always a 7. It depends on the type of clothing and also the brand. I have a pair of jeans that are size 13 and another pair of jeans that are size 4. I have some blouses that say “Small” on the tag and others that say “Large.” I just started saying to myself “I am size me” because, honestly, that is what I am. A number will not define me.


About the Author: “I am currently a senior at Grand Canyon University, double majoring in History and Communications and graduating in December 2016. I love writing and putting my thoughts on paper, so I am hoping that when I graduate I can work for a company or organization in a position that requires a significant amount of writing. I currently write for my university’s chapter of Her Campus, an online forum for female college students.” Cassidy Rich
Photo Credit: Cassidy Rich

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