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I Love You…


When was the last time you hugged your daughter or your son and said “I Love You”? How often do you do this? Have you recently praised your children? Do you encourage them and make them feel special? When was the last time you sat as a family and had a meaningful conversation? Did you kiss your son or daughter today?

In a culture like ours we tend to criticize more than we praise; we blame more than compliment; we often shy away from expressing our feelings to those closest to us; and shockingly we never have quality time to be a family!

Do you know what is making your children really happy? Do you know what they like and dislike?

More than ever, our children are getting their emotions embraced and voices heard by people they barely know or through social media and fictitious cyber characters. Our children are turning into TV and social media to get answers and to be heard. We are slowly losing them and in the process we grow apart every single day.

So if you are still wondering why more children are astray nowadays, and why more children have lower self-esteem; and why “bad” things happen to our children then look inside you and see how active are you in the lives of your children?

However, hope is never to be lost. All we need to do is acknowledge the issues and wonder no more as the solution is really simple. Let us keep these five basic things in mind and practice as many of them as possible in our daily lives?

1. Express your positive feelings to those closest to you; your children.

2. Make it easy for your children to talk to you and then listen.

3. Have quality time; make it a habit to have at least 15 minutes a day with them. How about spending one day a week as a family?

4. Reward them when they do well and teach them to be responsible.

5. Remember Children will grow to be their own selves and not who you want them to be; accept they are different from you.

In writing this peace; I am making the transition to be a better father to my children. It is never too late.

With love to my children and all the children around the world.

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  1. Nice. Wake up call to get engaged in the lives of our children and with simple steps to building better relationships within families.

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