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I May Not

By Anam Shaikh

I may not be strong enough to succeed in the first attempt

But I am strong enough to get up after I fail.


I may not be wise enough to think about the future

Bu I am wise enough to be content with my present


I may not be compassionate enough to build new relationships

But I am compassionate enough to cherish the ones I have.


I may not be able to conquer new lands

But I am as efficient as my male counterparts to conquer the workplace.


I may not be fearless enough to take the unbeaten path

But I am fearless enough to be happy with what I do.


I may not be loving enough towards strangers

But I am loving enough towards people I care about.


I may not be brave enough to take risks

But I am brave enough to make the most of what I have.


I may not be lavish enough in spending my money

But I am lavish enough in showing my emotions.


I may not have a big wallet

But I have a big heart.


I may not care about intangible things

Because I know what really matters is intangible.


I am a woman. Empowered.


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