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On May 10th 2016, Dubai, ICON Training and Coaching along with Arab Woman Platform launched their pilot session for ICON Forum series “Be An Icon”, led by Ms. Salma Sakhnini Founder & Managing Director of ICON Training and Coaching Consultancy.

With her opening remarks Ms. Sakhnini asked the audience “Are you the author of your own life?”  Her question set the tone for a deeper and inspirational dialogue. Her thought provoking coaching probed an internal evaluation of ones beliefs and capabilities.

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Ms. Salma Sakhnini Founder & Managing Director of ICON Training and Coaching Consultancy.

Ms. Sakhnini pointed out that people determine who they are going to be in life at the delicate age of 8 years old, and even as adults we carry that 8 year old inside of us unaware that those fragile building blocks determine most of our decisions in life.

“You dictate your vision; the only thing stopping you from reaching your goals is you. We are here for a reason; you have to leave a legacy behind, leave the world a better place…leave your trace. Make it count.” Ms. Sakhnini

Demonstrating how one is affected by the many perceptions blurring the possibilities and true potential, Ms. Sakhnini asked the audience to put on shades symbolizing how each limiting belief hinders one’s ability to have a clear vision of true potential, adding constraints until one can no longer see or move forward.

“Until you conquer yourself you cannot conquer your life. Be aware of what you tell yourself, is your self-talk serving you? Be aware of the power of words, and how it influences your expectations of yourself, and know that you cannot change others but you can change yourself.  But the magic of transformation is contagious for when you change yourself people around you change as well. All it takes is a decision, small daily steps to get you to where you want to be and who you want to be. The possibilities are endless; you can live a bigger life.”

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Ms. Sakhnini’s words touched a chord in the audience, provoking inquisitive questioning, debate even a few tears. “We are always in a habit of postponing happiness. But you should be happy now, gratitude has amazing power. We always chase something that we have no control over…time, so don’t postpone your happiness to get to somewhere else. Be aware that you are not living your life on automatic; be aware that you are in charge.” Ms. Sakhnini

audience iconWrapping up Ms. Sakhnini shared a true story of a man who took a life altering decision based on meanings not facts, and how most people do the same unaware how they allow their emotions to dictate their reasoning and choices.

“The price of this transformational journey is determination, focus, discipline, self-control and consistency. If you have these fundamentals you can follow your own target to success.” Ms. Sakhnini



Thanks goes out to ICON Training and Coaching Consultancy team & Arab Woman Platform for making this session a success:

Salma Sakhnini

Hiba Khammash

Maya Al Azzem

Ivy Tiples

Amal Al Harithi

Mira Khatib


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