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I’m Learning Not Just Studying Sir!

By Alissar Nazal

Recently at school I’ve heard many teachers talk and discuss this statement; “Students are studying and only studying!” In turn this means we are not learning as we study, we do not grasp the meanings behind the words, we are not making use of the knowledge we are attaining. I objected to this statement the moment I heard it being said out loud. It’s not something to be proud of. I did not speak up, but the thoughts within my mind had said it all. Here I am now thinking…
Education is what we are living off, fighting for, and putting endless hours into. Many do not have this privilege, and yet for those who do, are being accused of not taking advantage of it. What sadness me more is that many believe that education is not all that it is made out to be, that it is over rated and not a necessity. In fact instead of being thankful for its accessibility some are completely against it.

Education can take you anywhere in life, open doors of opportunity, turn dreams into reality. It’s daunting to think that in this world today the answers to many infinite problems may be resting inside someone else’s mind. Makes me wonder why? Why don’t we have the answers to these problems until now? The answers may be confined in someone’s mind, someone who is not fortunate enough for education and cannot expand his or hers intelligence. Either education is not offered, or afforded. This system is unfair and cruel.
Although education in prosperous societies weighs as a big deal, nevertheless it is also taken for granted. There are more priorities in life. Education may be considered only as one. These priorities will make up the person who you are.

Going back to the statement that had begun all this ranting, “you’re studying, and only studying!”, if this was the case, why do parents or guardians tire and put effort into disciplining us? Why are we being assessed on our “learning skills”? Why are we constantly being told right from wrong? Why are we being pushed to excel? The actions and decisions we make at a young age will shape who we become. They will define us; and affect our perspective on life. The way we use the knowledge we gain can either make us or break us. Help us solve a problem or, expand it.

No sirs, I refuse your statement for although some may be “just studying” yet the majority are not only studying but learning on how to make a difference for generations to come. And I like to believe I am one of them.



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