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By Mira Khatib


Imagine global businesses run by women. Imagine a world run by women. Close your eyes and see this. Wouldn’t this be a wonderful world?

The skeptics would say no. They will point out to social challenges; or religious constraints or even philosophize lame reasons just to shoot down the idea of women leadership.

Why is it a reality in some very successful countries to have even women representing half the minsters of the cabinet? Or women sitting at the realm of power in countries representing the world best and largest economies. Why do we see the strongest nation in the world having a presumptive woman candidate running for presidency with implication far reaching across our world?

This is not a political piece. This is a shout out to all Arab women across the globe to aspire to be the best they can. This is piece calling upon all Arab women young and old, rich and poor to strive to be the best they can. Too often women themselves impose unnecessary stereo type unto themselves. Too often women submit to being second class. Certainly this is not generalization; yet one woman who is a mother, a wife a sister who might be less inspired or less motivated or less educated having significant adverse implication on a large number of associates especially on other women.

What we need to do is teach our young girls and women to think, challenge the status quo, ask questions, and make mistakes to learn from. This is not just a man’s world; this is also a women’s world. Women advancement will certainly drive better societies; better economies and better harmony across the globe. Statistics prove this and more importantly this is the right outlook to having equal partnership and equilibrium.

No need to imagine; what we need is to enable and empower. Women is what we need to live in a better world.

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  1. As a person surrounded by many women in my life I subscribe to the need to have Arab Women in leadership positions. In fact, women are not only equal to men, but outperform men in many areas.

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