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His Point of View – Impact of Social Media and Woman

By Abdul Latif Hourani

Social media plays a role in influencing many women, and turning their humble dreams and future plans into more sophisticated and demanding ones.

With this global exposure women and men are no longer limited by meeting the opposite sex just by being part of a certain community, being neighbors, class mates, relatives, or work colleagues pushing boundaries exceeding the perimeters of the villages or the cities they live in. In the olden days when the time came to start a family (the main purpose of marriage) couples united with someone they met or grew up with within that surrounding.

Today, the world has become a smaller place, and with the social media distance is not an issue giving people exposure to meet anyone anywhere creating probably more competition and unrealistic demands widening the gap for a successful healthy relationship and contributing in the increase of infidelity cases, from both genders.

With this fast paced high standard existence one is bound to meet a good match that seems good enough, and one might get involved in a relationship, but eventually the likely-hood of meeting someone else who is more interesting is there and one can believe it’s a better option and this triggers conflicts that may lead to a split, even after marriage.

It is a big competition on these social networks, showcasing only the best images and information that seem ideal to be presented. Yet keep in mind that pictures can be deceiving and vital information can be withheld or misrepresented to get the required attention, not everything shared is always necessarily truthful and personalities’ behind computer screens can be misinterpreted. The standards of loyalty and faithfulness, being satisfied with the choices a person makes and accepting the other as is has changed drastically in the past decade making it harder to find “The one for ever after” turning it into finding “Interesting till someone better comes along”.



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