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Importance of Education in Modernization 

By Shweta Dahiya


We all agree that education plays a major role in shaping the personality of a person but do we realize that there is an undeniable Importance of education in Modernization as well.

We are living in the 21st century, so it is a normal tendency of every person to live like a modern man. So, what is this modern culture? Is it wearing short clothes, not listening to your parents, fobbing, and so on, is this called modernization? If we are ready to step into this modern world, we need to know what modernization really means.


Understanding the meaning of modernization

Modernization is adopting the prevalent mannerism in all aspects of life, but it is sad that we are not able to differentiate between modernization and adopting someone else’s culture and calling that your own. There is a thin line between keeping pace with the changing world while you do not forget your own values and ethics and taking up other’s culture and try to adjust with that new form of idea. I do not intend to undervalue any other society’s culture but here I want to focus on strengthening and going ahead with our own values and diffusion of various ideas. When I say diffusion, it is meant to be in a healthy manner, with the idea of taking up those societal values that fit with yours.

Importance of education in Modernization

Now, one may wonder about how education can play an important role in this. Education is something regarded as what is taught in school through books, giving examinations and getting marks. But that is not the whole sole purpose of education. In fact, that is just a small role that education can play in one’s life that is getting you a degree. Education in a broader sense empowers you to take better decisions, teach you about the ways of life. This is something that we either learn by our own experiences or through other’s. Knowledge about other’s experiences can be gained through books, movies, conversation, and through every other form of communication.

Getting a little sidetracked from the issue, I would like to mention here about the kind of literature teacher we have got. Generally, with literature we think of reading a lesson or a classic and discussing that in the class. But in the last two lectures, we had been shown two silver era movies that did not even seem boring to any of us. Now I term it as modernization. Not in terms of what we gathered through those movies but the way of teaching a subject like literature is what I call as adopting modernization. In today’s time, students have got less interested in reading books. So this is a novel way of imparting education pertaining to your subject. Understanding the mindset of today’s students, and keeping pace with their idea of education, is how she perceived it to be best way to teach her subject.

Learning Importance of education in Modernization though other factors

Modernization by way of keeping hold to your own cultural values is best taught by parents. We are all affected by the western ideas (from the perspective of eastern culture) and when we are stopped or punished for doing things that are perceived bad or wrong by the elders, we oppose. It varies from society to society what they think of something as good or bad and right or wrong. As long as you stay steady to your own cultural values and it does not harm the collective interest, one may ignore and stay away from the influence of western culture’.

But, if it is the other way round, for example; proposing education, empowerment and freedom of women in the Arab nations, such ideas need to be considered. Because a woman deserve as much freedom as a man does. There are other notions as well that need to be changed as the time changes. That is what modernization can be termed as. And for this, it is important that from the childhood, such education is provided to both girls and boys that they respect each other’s freedom and individual identities as they grow up to become men and women.

Modernization versus Westernization

Generally modernization is blamed as one of the reason for the youth to forget their culture. Modernization should not be confused with westernization. Both are entirely different concepts. Westernization is not something favorable as this means forgetting our own culture, religion, and our norms, and adopting of the west, completely forgetting who we are and what our roots are. But the diffusion of modernization and westernization through education is healthy as long as we keep our limits and know where our cultural values, religious practices, norms stop us and respect them.

Adopting modernization means moving along with the world and being able to walk shoulder to shoulder with other societies, with an open mind. The most important thing that stays true is the respect towards every culture, while you respect your own. And that is the purpose of imparting education. We have to be always receptive for new and innovative ideas yet staying grounded to our own roots. A good combination of both leads to modernization.


About the Author: Shweta Dahiya is a college student from KC College, Mumbai, India. She studying bachelors of mass media and likes to write articles on youth related issues.

Photo credit: GotCredit / Foter / CC BY

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