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Importance of Nutrition: Nutrition Tips for Beginners

By Tom harry


To gain a muscular and healthy body, you not only have to undergo a regimen of strenuous exercise, you also have to monitor what you eat, by how much, and at what time. Every exercise routine goes hand in hand with a diet plan to gain the fastest and long lasting effect. As every person has a unique body, every exercise routine has to carefully crafted to suit the person specifically. And similarly a diet plan has to be prepared based on the person’s life style, exercise routine, health goal, and body. It is not a very difficult art but one that requires a lot of experience and knowledge.

People often forget the importance of nutrition. But it has been proven scientifically and through time tested experiments that what you eat directly affects your body shape. So taking a note here are a few nutrition tips that you can follow to lose weight fast. These are basic guidelines that must be followed by everyone no matter the exercise routine. And you can be sure that they will work because they come straight from Afterburn Fitness itself.

Minimize dairy, sugar and wheat

Sugar is the biggest enemy of good health. So try to avoid as much sugar as possible. Dairy products and wheat products also contain glucose, the bad kind, and some inherent carbohydrates so they should also be avoided. For those looking to build muscles try to replace dairy products with soya milk and its products. They taste nearly the same but are much richer in proteins and have nearly zero fat.

Eat a diet high in fiber

In today’s fast paced life people are switching to fruit juices and fast foods instead of whole grain diet and fruits. In long term this may have sever adverse effect of health. According to past studies people who eat a diet that is high in fiber are less likely to develop heart disease or heart diseases. So try to include whole grain products and fruits in your diet.

Use cooking spray instead of oil

Oil is basic necessity of every dish. But try to minimize the intake of oils as much as possible. One method is to use a cooking spray instead of oil to prepare food. Also start using olive oil for cooking purposes as it is low on unsaturated fats.

DO NOT DRINK your calories

Stay away from high calorie drinks. People nowadays are drinking more cold drink than water. Infact some have solely substituted cold drink fruit juices, sodas and other caffeinated products as the sole source of their water intake. It’s the biggest bane of any exercise routine. Contrary to popular belief, fruit juices are not that good for your health. They have the main nutrients on a fruit, but they don’t have the best ingredient of a fruit, i.e. fiber. Also processed fruit juices are also high on calories and even contain preservatives that may be harmful for your health. So stay away from calorie rich liquids like soda, fruit juice, high calorie coffee drinks, etc.

Limit how much you eat out

Nearly every restaurant that is out there try to serves food that is appealing to taste buds. For this reason the health part is often neglected. Therefore try to limit eating-outs. If you are preparing the food yourself you can monitor the amount of calories that you put into your dish and at the same time make it as healthy as possible. If you are not able to cook your own food for some reason switch to fruit diets or salads, without extra oil and sauces of course.


About the Author: Tom Harry is associated with Afterburn Fitness. It one of the best fitness Club in Santa Clarita region and offers a range of Fitness programs that are scientifically designed to tone an individuals body in least time possible. The Fitness club is managed by extremly experienced trainers who have personally trained many celebrities and athletes. Visit Author Website
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