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Interview With Enas Radi – A True Inspiration


An amazing woman, a fighter, a survivor, an optimist, hardworking and most of all a faithful woman who doesn’t allow despair to enter her heart, on the contrary she is like a ray of hope giving many deaf children, unwell children and their families hope to see that life is worth fighting for and there is always a chance for a better tomorrow. She is the Egyptian pharmacist Enas Radi who never tires of helping others and trying to make a positive difference planting smiles on the faces of many.

Enas shared her inspirational story with us and added:

“After graduating university I married my classmate, my sweetheart and my partner in life and what united us was the passion to helping others and volunteer work. Even in the early days of our marriage we use to gather our friends and have coaching sessions on marriage and healthy family life. Until God blessed us with Ahmad who was born with complete disability due to pregnancy toxemia and the doctors’ incompetence, it was our first test of faith and submission to God’s will. I started to accept the outcome with the help of my husband and his family especially my father in law may he rest in peace Mr. AlMaghraby the Professor in Azhar University, whom stood by us and supported us from the very beginning. I felt the need to deepen my faith and spiritual beliefs to help give me the strength to care for my child, as well to help turn what is inside of me into something positive that can benefit others especially special needs children with disabilities and their families. So I pursued educating myself and earned a degree in Islamic studies and a degree in education for special needs children with disabilities side by side with Family Therapy and Education Specialization. I could not have done it without the continuous support from my husband and family.



Enas’s husband and her beloved son Ahmad the two most important successes in her life


We then relocated to Dubai and God blessed us with two other healthy beautiful girls, it was then that I found out that I had cancer and led me to another path and another battle in my journey, and if it isn’t for my deep faith and great support from my husband I might have given up in this ongoing battle with the disease.

enas1 (2)

Enas, her mum who is her mentor and inspiration with her daughters


What bothered me the most from the many surgeries that I undertook to help rid of this cancer was its side effects on my vocal cords that made me lose my voice and in turn the ability to speak in public on Family educational lectures that benefited many. Only here I felt weak, that my identity is being taken from me, but I refused to be beaten and found a way to still reach out to others especially deaf children. I learned sign language and began teaching this very vital sect of society that sometimes is forgotten. My mission is helping families learn more about their issues and work their ways to find proper solutions via the necessary Family therapy techniques and guided by the values of our culture and religion.

Hard work and helping others is my way of life and is a means to my treatment to over come this cancer. I only feel weak when I lose the ability to help others, as long as God is by my side I will not allow this disease to take over my life and will. My priority is my relationship with my creator Who has all the power and reason, at the end we are all going on this path of  death and no one knows where or when we die and all that is left behind are our good deeds.”



For interview in Arabic click here:
:للغة العربية اضغط هناايناس-راضي/

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  1. Subhan allah azawajal duas for me also that I stay strong n steadfast in my trials I will remember u sister in my duas may allah azawajal free u from al illness and lift ur calamities and ease ur tests ameen

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