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Inspiring Others – Life Is a Gift, Living Is an Art



By general definition a leader is someone who can face challenges, solve problems and overcomes obstacles successfully. People like Mahatma Gandhi, Deepak Chopra, and Mother Theresa all seem to have similar kinds of qualities in terms of inspiring peace and reaching the masses however we can all have these types of qualities and become leaders in our own way or field.

Being a leader is not necessarily about having a mass following or being rich and powerful. Being a leader is an attitude to life. Life is the gift we have been given and what we do with it makes our living into an art.

It is passion, inspiration, strength and fortitude that access our inner potential to overcome obstacles whether they are in our business or private life. If one has enough enthusiasm and dedication it carries with it dynamism of commitment to work towards the goal despite the obstacles towards the vision. It is the communication and sharing of this vision which collectively inspires a team and the dedication and focus which carves out the leader.

It is important for your intelligence, vision and action to work in unity if you want to reach your goals and manifest your dreams. Vision itself is not enough. Action must follow and if this unity is not there your hard work comes to nothing. Leaders use their vision to face challenges and motivate their team members and this brings into play many socially interactive skills such as good listening, praise, reward for a job well done and fair play. If these are lacking then the leader may still lead but not communicate as effectively with the team. It is a lack of communication and inappropriate action which may be the undoing of a great team or of relationships in one’s personal life.

Leaders who are inflexible and don’t listen are not leaders for long. They become masters of their own undoing, being stuck in old ways that often don’t work. Being stuck means that they often become blind to opportunities and solutions which could benefit them in the long run. A sense of humility is needed to be able to analyse input from others and adapt it for what an organisation needs instead of one believing that they can solve all problems on their own.

True leaders allow themselves to be guided by both intuitive insight as well as outer input from sources other than themselves. A good leader not only can see the larger issues but also the obvious inner subtle hidden concerns. Often companies become so immersed in the outer concerns that they miss the simpler solutions.

Leadership is also about being impartial. Politics of an organisation can cause misunderstandings and turmoil. Good leaders do not get mixed up in politics or gossip. They realise the dangers of office gossip and of taking sides which can often lead to loss of otherwise loyal employees. In an organisation ideally there is no place for personal likes or dislikes however our human nature often makes these an issue between team members. It is therefore the job of a good leader to help people to either come to an agreement or agree to differ and not deny these issues exist. Sometimes a company goes into denial and loses staff or has much friction between employees because the leaders are not encouraging staff to communicate and find these solutions. The same happens in our personal life when we no longer connect with certain people and our problems seem insolvable.

It is the spirit of love and teamwork which makes any kind of relationship successful. Communication and understanding lead to contentment between people in any environment and for this to happen there needs to be assimilation of each other’s differences, respect of boundaries and an ability to transform differences positively in the spirit of compromise. If this is to happen we need to make that heart connection with our intuition and work with honesty integrity and with focus towards our goals. This will bring with it a sense of fulfilment which is an important part in this art of living. We work to succeed and we succeed to enjoy, to experience.

In this way our actions have favourable impact on the economy and those around us. This brings to the business world a sense of honesty and integrity enabling us not only to reap positive rewards for ourselves but also for those around us. In turn the state, country and planet would become more harmonious, our actions more thoughtful and life generally more peaceful. This is what the true leader holds as a vision for the greater whole.

So how are your business and personal relationships and are you leading your life or simply being blown with the winds? Perhaps it’s time to stock take what is happening in our hearts and our thoughts. What does your intuition say about your life? What does your subconscious drive you to despite your conscious protests? What patterns are there?

If you don’t like what you see there are many ways to change it. You can change your patterns with energy work, NLP, hypnotherapy, meditation… just to name a few. Often we need help as much of our patterns are run by the subconscious mind it is important to do a stock take of the conscious mind and watch how the subconscious works. Good management takes care of their staff to make sure they are safe, happy and healthy. There are many corporate programs also now to encourage focus, less stress, increased teamwork and productivity in the workplace so I urge management to take advantage of these.

Good leadership comes with time and experience and in many forms. Anyone who can inspire you may be looked upon as a leader. If they help you, motivate you and guide you in some way in your life with positive input that is what can make the foundation of friendship, of teamwork, of leadership and hence leads both of you to success.



Jenetta Haim runs Stressfree Management (R) at Greystanes in Sydney, Australia. Jenetta specializes in assisting your health and lifestyle in all areas by developing programs on either a corporate or personal level to suit your needs. Contact Jenetta now for her to assist you with your personal or corporate needs. Email For more information check out the website at
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