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Interview with Shaima Tantawy founder of “Man Ahyaha”

From within darkness comes a lit candle that shines the way for hope, an initiative started by one ambitious Egyptian, a dreamer and a writer Shaima Al Tantawy and with the help of other Egyptian youth came “Man Ahyaha” (who makes it come to life); that works on improving life standards for citizens in underprivileged areas.

Shaima says:

“After graduating commerce from Ain Shams University and working in one of the banks I decided to resign in 2010 and focus on “Man Ahyaha” initiative. The idea first came about with a few friends in 2007; the association’s aim was to help develop the community by implementing programs for education and income increase especially in meager areas. Some of our achievements include establishing classrooms for children that have learning difficulties to help improve their capabilities; additionally we set up a handmade rug workshop for young girls that didn’t succeed in school as well as a tailoring workplace for women. The latest “Man Ahyaha” project is an alternative educational program that helps a child’s awareness and behavioral development and it is being implemented throughout Egypt.”


What are some challenges that faced you?

Civil work even though rewarding faces lots of obstacles, mainly finding continuous funding especially when such programs depend on individual contributions. We try to overcome this by constantly looking for means of financial support in many areas and not just depend on one source.





In your opinion why is it necessary to do public charity work and what are the benefits?

Generally,  and additional to good deeds, women especially benefit from social work as it gives self-worth, satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness. It also provides a hope dosage during challenging political situations and economic difficulties that we are witnessing.


hanaramliTell us about your dreams and ambitions?

My most important plan is to apply this program in more than one area and location with the help of other organizations that work towards improving education. Eventually to make this program available as an alternative means of education in our country.

On a personal level I dream on publishing my first book which contains a number of my articles, but this requires courage that I lack at this time although I have the support of many.


Finally what advice would you like to share with our readers?

Although the world might have its fair share of disappointments and obstacles yet it is also filled with opportunities that can make you happy. You and only you are in control of what you choose; find a unique passion to live for and strive towards a better future.


For this interview in Arabic click here:
:للغة العربية اضغط هنامبادرة-من-أحياها-لشيماء-طنطاوي-من-مصر/

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