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Interview with Azza Qoura A Pioneer in Social Work


Ever since she was 17 years old Azza Quora worked to prove herself starting as a front desk employee in one of the hotels in Egypt while studying English Literature at Cairo University and from there she went on to have a steady job for 17 years in a bank during this time she got married and was blessed with two children Mohammad and Riham.

When she found herself out of a job for circumstances beyond her control she decided to follow her passion and learned French and worked in a French cultural magazine while volunteering at the National center for tumors. Opportunity came knocking when she met Dr. Abu Al Naja head of pediatrics; he requested that Azza works with him to improve the financial resources for the department and from there a new path was paved in her career for civil work.

Azza talked to Arab Woman Mag about her journey, “when I worked directly with sick children and their families I realized that this is my true purpose in life, to help those in need and help wipe the tears off a mothers face suffering to see her child in pain, I prayed that God would use me as a tool to help in healing those children.

azaqouraEverything fell into place as I used my experience for the bank to help set up a program to enhance financial resources, managing to open accounts to all associates of the center in 24 banks with account number#57357 while abiding with each bank’s protocol according to their proceedings.  I also set up four deposit certificates with their returns going to the center as well as debit and credit cards for the center’s benefit. I set up an insurance program to help build a new hospital catering only for helping children with cancer. Additionally I worked directly with ATM machines companies to include donation option for the center on their machines. Millions of Egyptian pounds came pouring in which helped us in establishing a great hospital that we can all be proud of.   When the hospital’s doors opened on 7/7/2007 I felt my job was done and resigned in March 2008 to become the first executive manager for the organization of leaders in civil work. I helped inaugurate a training program to help enhance leader’s performance in civil work.

Although I was making big strides in my career yet this progression made me ask myself what I want to offer others. My true dream was to establish an entity to help associations and NGO’s to reach the same success that was reached in the national cancer hospital.

Resigning again; but only to travel to the U.S. and meet up with executives from the Association of Fundraising Professional to work together to establish a branch in Egypt. They welcomed me and after the board of directors’ approval the branch was opened in Egypt in April of 2010.

The mission of this association was to help NGOs from gaining financial stability to be able to serve better those in need. Since that time I assisted in developing more than 50 organizations.


From my experience I realized that women are more committed when it comes to volunteer work, it’s relevant to add here that for the Hospital 57357 financial resource development was managed by a team consisting of 9 women with Dr. Sherif Abu Al Najm as their leader.

Unfortunately some of my greatest obstacles came from those closest to me as they didn’t support my decision to resign from a steady job and run after a dream. But I overcame those negative voices by believing in myself and my vision and I was willing to pay the price whether financially or time and effort to see it come true.

I have to give recognition here to those whom made it possible for me to pursue my dream, especially my children’s nanny who helped with the load of responsibility to care for my children while I was away. Surely I have guilt for the times I was not there for my kids but that time was used wisely in a positive and meaningful way to help others.

In my opinion the Arab woman doesn’t get the recognition she deserves although she works harder than most men just to prove herself.  As men become more aware of the importance of women’s role in society and the work force; especially with today’s demands for good living standards and the need for the wife to pitch in, this in turn made many men help out in the household chores to give equality, with this comes a brighter tomorrow for progression and development.”.


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