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Interview with Coach Yasmine Farouk

Her enthusiasm is contagious, from the moment coach Yasmine Farouk began talking to us about her passion and mission to help people explore their potential and capabilities and ultimately attain their purpose in life; one couldn’t help but get excited and hopeful for a glimpse of what could be in our Arab societies.

Although strayed somewhat from her academic background of marketing and international business yet her love for teaching and reaching out to others stemmed at an early age. “Early on I had a love for reading and teaching, and I always wanted to be part of the medical field, I had a passion to get involved with people, hear them out and assist them to solve their issues and help them heal.”

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, to a Saudi mom and an Egyptian father, Yasmine was greatly influenced by her mother; being a successful psychologist enforcing the importance of reading and broadening ones horizons. “I owe a lot of my inspiration to my parent’s encouragement. I also have to acknowledge my husband’s support and sharing my passion for public speaking and in wanting to make a change. ”

In 2005 Yasmine moved to the UAE with her husband and although being a busy mom she continued being proactive and tried to make a difference. She created a group called Positive Community Project, for women in the UAE to come together and share their experiences, and what started out with three people now has grown to three thousand.

Being a visionary by nature, Yasmine realized her true calling of speaking out and sharing knowledge, so she specialized in different training fields in life coaching, relationship coaching and family parent and youth coaching from the USA. She also earned her family diploma from Sharjah University and went on to studying energy, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). “What helped me manage my time between family, training and workshops was being a freelancer and setting priorities.”

After seeing the need and endless possibilities to help others Yasmine decided to open a training/coaching center that would serve the family unit; starting with children and moving on to empowering women and boosting self-esteem, “Unfortunately one of the most common issues that I deal with is women with low self-esteem and lack of priorities and having no vision for the future. Many doubt themselves and don’t believe they can accomplish much. I want to show women that no one can make you happy unless you choose to and that they can gain confidence by dealing with unresolved issues”.  Yasmine continued to say, “It is sad to see that many Arabs deny that they might have underlying issues from ways of wrong upbringing or misconceptions, which sometimes lead to resisting getting the help needed. People must realize to continue to a bright future one has to deal with the baggage of the past.”

“My mission is to continuously learn, support and teach people and families the know-how of meaningful existence.” Yasmine hopes and aims to provide people with the right tools that help families as a whole, and in turn the productive family will give back to the community and all would work to make a difference for a brighter future for generations to come.

Finally Yasmin shares a message for our readers “find out your passion and purpose, and my belief true happiness comes from pursuing more knowledge and being of service to others.”




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