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Interview with Hana Al Ramli

An inspirational woman that thrives to make a difference and known to be a pioneer in social work in Jordan she is the engineer Hana Al Ramli that spoke to Arab Woman Mag about her projects and success’.

“In 2009 I founded “Kitabi kitabak Association for Children’s Culture and Family” that promotes reading and knowledge by establishing public libraries for children in disadvantaged areas.

hanaramliBefore that in 2004 I started another project that I’m passionate about; a program for culture of the Internet community-based, and the goal from it was to raise awareness in Arab families about the perfect or best use for internet. And lastly but not least my project “internet generation trust and safety” and my new book “Hero’s of the internet” coming out soon, that aims to protect children and teenagers from sexual abuse and cyber bullying. Besides writing, I also work mainly as a lecturer and trainer dealing with safety on the Internet for Arab families and how to protect their children from the disadvantage of the Internet.

My journey in social media started gradually in the mid 90’s when the internet became more popular, I found myself researching and reading about it until in 1996 I began writing and publishing daily articles on the topic on “naseej” the first Arabic internet site. Then in 1999 after learning web design and graphic design from personal effort, I established my own website, and from then on I established many other websites.

I would like to shed light on “Kitabi Kitabak Assosication” it is a non-profit project which aims to educate and encourage reading in rural, and unprivileged areas, Palestinian refugee camps and for orphans. People, libraries and schools donate books; which then are set up in halls in some of the associations in the neighborhood, and become a library that benefits all the community big and small. Also activities and events take place to make the best use of these libraries. Each library has around 3000-5000 Arabic books in all genres.

32 Libraries have been set up in Jordan and more others in different Arab countries by enthusiastic individuals working under the same name. And I am proud to say that in 2013 Kitabi Kitabak was chosen as the best inspirational initiative worldwide that promotes reading. I was awarded “Life Changer” award by the Swedish “Save the Children” organization.0

Our latest project is setting up a public library in Jabal Al Waibdeh in Amman and all the community is coming together and donating books to help this project get under way. This project would be an inspiration for other areas to follow suite and the love for reading and cultural events would grow.”

How do you see the role of Arab women and how can she reach new heights?

In my opinion Arab women have lots of contradictions depending on their status and location, but especially those who live in areas of war and turmoil they have a vital role in all fields and aspects. Women need to be involved in different pilot and innovative projects and must be given complete rights especially in education and career.

What are some of your future dreams?

I have many dreams for our Arab societies some of which are long term and others that are short term. I aspire that Kitabi Kitabak spreads in all the Arab countries in every village and camp, and libraries would be set up in every area just like bakeries as books are also daily needs just like bread, and reading becomes a daily habit that takes our nations further. I also aim that projects that deal with raising awareness on the internet for families and children becomes wide spread so parents could protect their children from the dangers of the world wide web and learn how to benefit from using it.

A message you would like to share with our readers?

I would like them to connect with me on social platforms on Twitter @HanaaRamli and on my Facebook page, as well as my website

If they have any inquiries or need advice on safety on the internet I would be happy to help them and share my knowledge.

For this interview in Arabic click here:
:للغة العربية اضغط هنالقاء-مع-هناء-الرملي/

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