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Invest in your self : Who will be there for you ?

By Coach Yasmine Farouk

As you mature you come to realize that YOU is your most important investment .. it’s hard not to be attached to those around you, but don’t let this attachment be your only source of happiness.

Everyone including kids, spouse, parents and even friends has the right to be distracted and you are left with you .. If you don’t like to be around YOU then that’s what loneliness is all about.

To conquer that:

(1) Invest in your relation with the One closest to you and to HIM you truly belong.

(2) Do what you are suppose to do to others seriously with out attachment expectations, they have their own non-you distractions, do it so you are also investing in YOU in front of HIM.

(3) Continuously develop you to a better version by reading and teaching.

(4) Envision YOU and plan for YOU. This is not self-Centeredness because at the end of the day it will be YOU who will be held accountable in front of YOU.

In conclusion without HIM you have got nothing .. without investing in YOU , you are at loss …

Everything and everyone is just a BRIDGE to HIM, they are not your destination nor your ownership.

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