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Is Divorce the Best Solution?


Divorce the better of two evils, a choice one seeks when there is no other choice, and everyone deals with its effects differently yet undoubtedly it has an impact in our lives. What do you think of divorce? When does it become the better solution? Arab Woman Mag asked the following women these questions and here are their answers:


Haneen Abd Al Rahaman, 24 yrs

“Divorce is by far the worst solution to a bad marriage; believe me as I say we live in a Middle Eastern culture which does not spare the divorced woman. Personally I see it as suicide, it might be wrong saying so, but that is the truth.”


Abeer Mohamad, 22yrs

“Fighting or divorce? Surely I don’t want my life to be a living hell; we are in the 21st Century and in our culture people’s negative outlook has changed when it comes to divorced women. I will not allow my children to live in an unhealthy atmosphere filled with quarreling; divorce is the best solution when life becomes unbearable.”


Maha Sabagh, 30yrs

“Every household has its shares of quarrels that can be sorted out with discussions and communication. I am not for or against divorce I am being realistic and speak from experience; children are the most to suffer. No one wants children to be raised in a negative atmosphere, relationship with both parents may continue after divorce but the impact of not having both parents together could be profound. At the same time staying around two parents constantly fighting also would cause havoc in a child’s life. One should weigh the pros and cons of divorce that comes with it, try to find other solutions to save your family from destruction.”


Dalal AlAgha, 18 yrs

“Divorce is the least favored in Islam, it is a very tough question no one wants to think about, yet sometimes it is the only way out when all other options run out. I won’t say there are people who favor divorce especially women as its implications are severe in our societies, but it is a given option made out of need. For sure it should not be my first choice; one should try to work out differences. One day It might be my way out and my life would continue and be successful, I will not gamble with my future that is why when choosing my spouse I would be very careful.”


My advice divorce is not the only way out, or best solution, try to work on your marriage, choose your partners carefully and know what you are getting yourself into as remorse does not help in the after math, be strong and make the wisest choices for you and your children.


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