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Keeping your Relationship Alive


By Abdul Latif Hourani


The relationship between couples could turn boring and the cause could be from both parties. There are many reasons that could take a relationship through a dry patch from routine, to laziness, not showing interest or support in your partner’s interests, being too busy with kids, responsibilities, are all aspects that come in play and become part of a problem.

To avoid such difficulties in a relationship you need to maintain your communication and interest, most importantly be there for your partner. When things become too much of a routine, then a change is in order. Be creative and do things out of the norm.

Another healthy aspect is maintaining social relations with friends and relatives. Some couples end up having no friends and attending no social events or occasions for either being too busy or not interested or to avoid gifts, invitations and financial obligations.  This kills the relationship slowly. Then one day one of the partners may eventually meet someone else who can offer more interesting things … again a break up happens.

So you need to watch out and keep the spice in your married life. Even after marriage you are still in competition with those around you. Thinking that now you are married so you don’t need to take care of yourself being a man or a woman is totally wrong. You need to maintain your appearance, your attraction, your activeness. Look good, dress good, smell good and keep that smile, even be naughty at times, and why not? If buying a gift for your partner is an obligation, and not from the heart then there is something wrong. Gifts without occasions are also a sweet gesture with lots of meaning.

The key to a successful marriage is that it needs work, slacking off is not an option. So be proactive in your own relationship and don’t just sit back and wait for the other to take action. Once your partner sees your effort it wouldn’t go unnoticed and soon will follow suite. So both parties gain in the end and the result is a healthy, happy and a long-lasting relationship.


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