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Kicking Off Obesity

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad


Perhaps, like any other traits or looks, obesity has become a part of human life. Oftentimes, when people become obese, they, in the least sense, are bothered and embrace obesity without any strict control on food and reckless lifestyle.

“I have been trying to reduce my weight since last 10 years,” said one person, who now and then puts conscious efforts at fighting obesity.

“Unfortunately, nothing considerable has happened so far”, he said sadly, as if he has lost the battle, after heavy preparations. Here, I guess, may be the person has to change the foods he eats, and may be because of a faulty metabolism that’s keeping obesity to perpetuate…and then, any sort of stress that comes by any means also aggravates weight gain.

Well, when we grab, out of hunger, anything that’s delicious, spicy, sugary or tempting…then, we totally become unmindful about our own consumption of carbohydrates, high-sugar or high-fat junk foods.

Ugh…you can’t slim down your protruding tummy and chisel thigh fats by practicing strict exercises once-in-a-blue moon. You have to be regular in implementing strategies to lose weight and abstain from those foods that intensify weight increase.

You know what? A millionaire’s wife planned, one day, of enrolling herself for weight loss program at a nearby fitness club. But her weight was descending at a snail’s pace. Inspired by wife’s aspirations, the millionaire worked out what investment goes into opening a ‘ladies only’ fitness center so that wife can continue her regimen happily.

With full-blown planning and arrangements, he opened a fitness center, and soon it became so popular that both wife and husband thought of increasing more centers to see swelling profits…thus, in a span of three years, the millionaire now owns four gymnasiums for ladies, but unfortunately, his wife has failed in reducing her weight. Yet, both are in high spirits with their freaky lifestyles and growing businesses. Isn’t that amazing?

When we think of reducing weight, we chart out our own food plan and everything looks disordered…with skimpy food, simple salads and eating miserly to starve ourselves, and we proudly exclaim “O, I am on dieting!”

Obviously, while kicking off obesity, it’s essential that you take balanced, healthy food that keeps you energetic. To become thin speedily, it doesn’t mean that you starve yourself, with strict diet, and turn frail.

In fact, when you think of doing exercises at home or joining gymnasium, it’s also preferred that you consult a licensed dietician who can best advice categories of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner…and anything, in between, such as refreshing juices and healthy snacks.

So, the right recipe for weight loss is to have the right type of food besides safe exercises in accordance to age.

And then, with wobbly bones, it doesn’t make sense if you wish to jog, instead of brisk walking. Applying easy tips and quick hints for weight loss, by sidelining age, will leave your body in a mess, with undesired pains.

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