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Killing In The Name of Love

By Hana Al Khatib


He loved her in a mad way, he dedicated his life to her, they both spent hours planning their future together, dreaming of the day when they both will live together under the same roof, have kids and live happily ever after.

Well, this is the normal story we hear every day in the world of LOVE, in novels, movies and series, the story that is somehow classical to most of us; meet, fall in love, get married, have kids and live happily ever after. 

But last year, specifically in the end of 2014, this classical love picture that I have drawn in my mind has changed. It has changed because of a tragic story that I have come to know about through social media, newspapers and TV channels; the story of a young girl that was brutally murdered by the hands of her loved one.

Probably most of the readers have heard about this awful, horrid crime against the beautiful young lady, who was well known for her politeness, kindness and smartness, whom was killed by the man who “loved” her by stabbing her 9 times and then threw her body in the middle of nowhere. 

The murderer, as the media reported, loved her to the utmost, respected her; he even went to her family’s house to propose in order to get married to his princess, whereby they accepted his proposal. However, the murderer’s family, and because of their traditions, ancestry and origins, they refused this marriage because this young lady was from outside their circle and belonged to another race.  

So, instead of persuading his family about accepting their differences, and instead of explaining his deep love towards her, the murderer decided that it would be better to kills his beloved before she gets married to any other man. This is exactly what I call “killing under the name of love”.

This story shocked me, and opened my eyes on how love can make people blind. He thought that he owned her, even if their marriage wasn’t going to take place. So he decided to show his selfishness and ignorance by killing this innocent young, educated, beautiful lady.

But, the good news is  that form a legal perspective,  there is not a single criminal law on earth that gives any legal justification for killing under the name of love. The criminal acts globally may provide legal justification for self-defense but never stipulate for any justification for love. So, this criminal shall be prosecuted as per the Criminal Law, and get the sentence he deserves, as this young lady lost her life because of a person who claimed that loved her, but whom in reality thought that due to his love, she became his property, and no one can even think to love her after him.

The story is much complicated, and the  courts are investigating the crime, whereas the murderer will get the sentence he deserves under the applicable laws, and what I need to convey here is a message to all women reading this article, is that as a lawyer I am advising you to remember, no one can cause you any kind of harm, especially physical harm, under the name of LOVE. If a man for example beats you, justifying this by “jealousy”, report him immediately, because he is beating you, no matter what the reason is. The judge at the court will not set him free because he loves you, rather he will decide on the sentence he deserves.  Also, if a man harasses you because he thinks that you belong to him, report him, it’s still called harassment. If a man hindered you from working because he “loves” you and wants you to stay home so no one can harm you, speak up and explain that he does not own you in any way, and that you are an adult and can protect yourself.

So in any case, speak up, stand up for yourself, even if a man is speaking under the name of love, stop him, and remind yourself of that horrific murderer, who killed the woman of his dreams because of jealousy and “love”. Small acts can turn to tragedies.

Love is a word bigger than that, love is sharing and caring. Love is when the happiness of the other person is more important than yours. Love is all about protection, not dominance.

Remember, it’s acceptable to love, but it’s unacceptable legally, nor socially to cause any harm because of “love”. Your body, mind, and heart are not a property that belongs to any person, except to yourself. And please remember to protect yourself from harms way under the name of “love” by reporting it to the authorities or to any person that you deem will assist you.

About the Writer: – Qualified lawyer in the Jordanian jurisdiction, and a legal consultant in Abu Dhabi UAE at Global Advocates & Legal Consultants.
– Holding LL.M degree in European Law and International Trade law from the University of Saarland in Germany. Additionally Hana holds a bachelor degree in law from Yarmouk University.
– Experienced in employment law, civil law, commercial law, litigation, arbitration and companies law.


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Photo credit: Sarah G… / Foter / CC BY


  1. Yes indeed no one has the right to harm a women in the name of hatred or in the name of love. Well written

  2. It is not cool to harm anybody. So killing is flat out rejected.

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