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Labeeb Al Taneeb a budding Artist


Meet Labeeb Al Taneeb from the small city north of the west bank called Tulkarem in Palestine.

Although his BSc degree is in electronics engineering from Applied Science University-Amman in 2013, he went on to pursue a passion of photography and art,

AWP had the pleasure to find out more about the man and his talent.


Can you share with our readers about yourself and upbringing?

I grew up in Abu Dhabi in a multicultural neighborhood, we were always connected to Palestine spending the whole summer holiday there, I am from a modest family my father was a technician in a local utility company & my mother is a teacher. I have four brothers & one sister.

I am now a sales manager in a local company providing Telecom solutions in the UAE.


From what age did your passion for art begin? 

35!! Not only me; the famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill also started painting at an old age.



Where did you get your inspiration for your art work? 

After the birth of my daughter Zeina, I bought a professional camera to document and memorize the beautiful moments with her, appreciating every passing moment.

Photography triggered something inside me to look at the things differently, increasing awareness of lighting, color intensity and the effects angles and composting the scene due to years of practicing photography in many different fields.

Practicing that over years improved my eye for details, sense of geometry & colors matching which elevated my taste and made more appreciative of beauty. At that stage I felt that I have to start painting for more personal intervention by adding flavor, then I found it a great way to appreciate beauty and make it more expressive.



What messages you hope to convey through your art work? 

To reflect the beauty in our life through my art work, I want to draw the attention of people around me and say: look!! How beautiful is this object in still life, scene, landscape, nature, kids etc…




What does art mean to you? 

The finest way to express the spiritual, record the history or moment, reflect the beauty, tell the story or convey a message.


What is next for Labeeb 

To invest most of my time in highlighting the beauty of Palestinian cities, villages, heritage, landscapes and so forth; hoping that this may help support our Palestinian issue.











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