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Lasting First Impressions


Did you know that within 30 seconds from meeting other people they form an opinion about you?

Want to be an instant success try these tips:

Your handshake can actually influence what they think, so here is what to do: Slide your hand all the way into the shake and apply light pressure to the other person’s hand to convey confidence and show that you have nothing to hide. Make sure that your hand is exactly perpendicular to the floor; palm down implies that you are controlling, and palm up signals submissiveness.

Listen with your eyes:  React to non-verbal clues that show how people feel about what they say. If your new acquaintance smiles while talking about a certain topic, most probably that means that their topic is something they don’t take too seriously and you can respond lightheartedly.

Offer an extended thank-you: A simple “thank you” after meeting someone can be dismissed as a pleasantry. If you expand your thanks to include why you are grateful (e.g. “Thanks for taking the time to talk to me”), you will be remembered and liked.


3 Ways to Sound Smarter

Focusing on how you speak can actually imply how smart you are:

Speed Up: Fast talkers usually are rated more intelligent than those who pause often or stall their thoughts with “ums” and “ahs”.

Speak Up: People whose voices are loud and clear are judged as being smarter than those who mumble.

Avoid Slang: Speakers who use slang words and phrases are viewed as being less intelligent.


So next time you meet someone extend your hand, have eye contact and speak clearly, directly and most important don’t forget to smile. First impressions go a long way.


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