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Lebanese Blogger Noor Rifai

An enthusiastic Lebanese blogger Noor Rifai; whom caught the attention of many with her strong personality and charm. Being confined in a wheel chair didn’t stop her from going after her dreams. One of her goals is to work in a suitable position that would show case her talents and capabilities.

Noor spoke to Arab Woman Mag about herself, accomplishments and dreams,


When did your blog come to life and what inspired you to start it?
I started my blog randomly in 2011. I was pretty active on social media already, and all it took for me to start a blog was some political incident in Beirut. It frustrated me so I wrote a small piece and ended up creating a blog just to share my frustration. But apart from that, I used to read all sorts of blogs including La Revue De Kenza which is a french fashion blog, and Gino’s Blog which is definitely the best Lebanese blog. I think these two were my strongest influences.
What is the message you are trying to convey through your blog?
The thing about my blog is that it doesn’t really have a set theme or pre-defined subject. I’d rather not put myself in unnecessary boundaries be it for my blog or in life generally. It’s more of a blank canvas that I use to express my thoughts, interests, and anything really. So yes, each post conveys a different message.
What do you hope to accomplish from your blog? Do you see it being fruitful?
Through my blog, I’m inviting the reader to enter my world. The content of my blog is raw, I rarely read what I wrote before posting it because I don’t want it to be artificial or too overanalyzed. I’m just throwing myself in the open, hoping someone will be intrigued to check out my writings. Is it fruitful? Well the cool thing about not having expectations is that you’re never disappointed. And I can tell you that I’m even positively surprised sometimes!
What are some of the challenges you faced?
To maintain the quality of my blog, I refuse to blog about every single thing that happens online. I see a lot of Lebanese bloggers losing quality just for the sake of posting more. This might get them more views than me and I can understand their behavior, but it’s just not my thing. So I guess my challenge is to generate good content more often. For the time being, I have been posting once a month. I have to find a way to stimulate myself to write more. Or not.
What are some of your future dreams and goals and what challenges you think will come with them?What you might do to overcome them?
My dream right now is to find THE job of my life. I’ve been interning for some time now, but I still don’t have anything stable. I’m interested in F&B marketing but most companies I want to apply to are downsizing due to budget issues. I just hope the economy in Lebanon will get better, although I’m skeptical. And to be honest, moving to another country when you’re on a wheelchair, is not very easy. You need to set a whole system and get used to it. I’m willing to do it, but only if I’m sure about the job.
Do you think our Arab society could do more for the physically disabled (what would you like to see happen and or change)?
I don’t really know how to reply to this because I don’t like associating myself to this or that group of people. I don’t want to talk on the behalf of anyone. But if I’m talking from my point of view, I would hate that people have to do more for me or pay more taxes or whatever. The only think I’d appreciate would be that they’d treat me the way they treat someone who’s not in a wheelchair. You might think that by giving me extra attention, you’re making me feel good. But trust me you’re not. Again, this is only me speaking, some people might enjoy extra attention.
Tell us more about the challenge you made on Twitter concerning Porsche, and what was the cause?
I was bored at night, tweeting random things as usual. And I wrote this tweet challenging Porsche, the best car manufacturer in the world, to build me a wheelchair if I get 5K retweets. After that, my phone didn’t stop vibrating for 4 days. Porsche didn’t really react but that’s more than O.K. because I got what I wanted. I know that more than 7K people read my tweet and I hope that I influenced someone somewhere in the world to think outside the box, to get creative and build something new, to get out of that comfort zone.
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