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Left Alone With Just a Memory



They’re gone, it’s over, the end… someone you love has left and all you can feel is loneliness; there’s nothing left to feel. Life becomes surreal when you lose someone you love. Overwhelming emotions surface when someone who said they would always stay, or a child you believed would be there to your end is suddenly gone. They’re gone and you are left there all alone; even if others are close at hand, you feel all alone.

Loss that cuts through the heart leaves us feeling like no one can ever understand; that no one can possibly know how we feel, and they can’t. That kind of loss leaves us stunned, shocked; it is a knockout blow. We spend a lot of time looking closely at recent events; did we miss something? Could we have prevented this from happening? Is it our fault? So human they are; these emotions that are typically followed by an examination for guilt. Did we do something wrong? Where do we go from here?

Be still; just be still and go nowhere. It is time to go inside to the stillness where love resides and healing begins. Your capacity to love is equally measured with your ability to heal; it is the gift we receive from the universe when we are willing to chance loving completely. The healing balm is applied when we are still and simply retreat within; perhaps the gift we receive for our willingness to trust, to love and to risk losing.

Some things weren’t meant to be or last forever; nothing lasts forever. Yet it is our willingness to chance that it could be that allows us to love absolutely. And so we open our hearts and take the leap of faith that also opens the door for unbearable pain.

The memories we are left with become the warmth that replaces gentle laughter, shared thoughts and emotions… they become sweeter than wine as we absorb them, savoring the moments together. We are better people for taking the chance, for baring it all, for daring to believe in forever. Forever does live; it is in our hearts, our minds, and our memories.

Our memories are a part of our healing; they remind us that it was worth the risk, worth the pain, worth the price of taking the chance. Can a broken heart ever heal? It is healed from within; acceptance becomes your friend. You will be whole again. Like every break in the human body, once healed you will be stronger than before the break. Your willingness to trust completely, to love another made you stronger. Thankfully, when it’s over and you are left alone with just your memories, you will find that those memories contain the power to heal, to encourage you to love again. Just be still.



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