What a life without a meaningful livelihood, and without money and fulfillment of basic necessities, it’s pretty hard, depressing and affairs laced with penury.

But, strange are the ways of worldly living and even more perplexing is human behavior and tendencies. So well alluring is the world, with its decaying beauty that we oft get fascinated, tempted and lost in the worldly affairs and commerce. It’s funny that sometimes we lose our energies and barter our precious years to fulfill our little hearts’ swelling greed and to hoard wealth beyond our capacities.

Ugh…even if a man attains the whole world, he would greedily desire for more!

Wouldn’t it be pleasant when we live at ease, work with moderation and enjoy life in its true essence? But, for the sake of earning and success at work, we become workaholics and turn ourselves busy with longer hours, lacking genuine time off to have musing for social life.

Come vacation time, and there are dull, crazy employees who will swap their holidays for few chunks of monies. How unmindful are they of long, stressful hours in the hope of earning more in their lives?

What if they gain whole world, and lose their strengths and find no time to live a realistic life!

Aha…it’s a show of human tendencies that we put on excess hours, work hard and forget others to have a ‘fat income’ and comforts of life. But, we often fail to realize that we get trapped by the excess of worldliness, and we are left battered, strained, barren and fatigued. Besides our salaries, we are earning stress too—that horrible stress, which leads to many ailments.

Indeed, workplaces that subject their employees to extended, horrendous working hours are, in fact, breeding an epidemic of stress and sick culture that’s definitely prone to health risks.

Let’s lessen work to enjoy reasonable, healthier lifestyles that’s free of any regrets, and full of mirth. Let’s understand the worth of life and celebrate it, in a proper sense, before it’s too late.