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Let’s Treat Others With All Goodness and Fairness

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad

Ugh…how incivility rules in some corporate environments where employees are ranked in esteem by their color, caliber, country origin and credentials.

You jig, with flattery, you win positions. You speak truth, in honesty, you get fired! And then, there’s a dictum: ‘Big organizations, big politics’. Amid office politics, in order to survive well you ought to be patient with the ups and downs when people’s behavior turn zigzag, and the work culture becomes so mayhem that to be a good person is ‘foolishness’ and to be secretly nasty is much easier.

In some places, employees just suffer growling nature of their bosses. With oppressive remarks, they behave, as if their subordinates are just slaves in their dominions.

Desperate employees, tied up to unrewarding employment, for the sake of livelihood and necessities drag on years, and end up nowhere except earning grey hair, losing their energies and becoming fit for retirement.

What’s the impact when bosses, with their uncaring hearts and bad behavior, try to run company affairs and fail to be sympathetic towards their dedicated, deserving employees? What a paradox when human beings believe in the Almighty Lord, and yet try to behave like lords over their subordinates!

Charged, with unbridled authority, sometimes bosses simply trust their own confederates, who in turn to set jazzy impressions, wrongly fiddle employees’ affairs. In such cruel atmosphere, some employees become ‘scapegoats’ and they are simply fired from their jobs.

Why helpless employees should suffer injustice, tyranny and above all shadowing misery due to sudden disconnect from their jobs? To deprive them from their benefits, recognition and rewards, and finally trashing them out of work premises, without a courteous farewell seems too weird.

We all are human beings, inhabitants on this spacious earth (though divided by nations), and in our veins blood runs in one color.

We have one glowing sun, one shimmering moon, one visible canopy decked with stars, and there’s One Supreme Being, the Almighty Lord Who showers His bounties to all the inhabitants of this world. Then, whereof, we forget ourselves, in blurring pride and foaming anger?

Let’s embrace humility, let’s become humane and let’s be just in our affairs. Indeed, when we harbor excellent character, there’s glow in our personalities.

Aha…if you, as a boss, wish to remove someone, out of cost-cutting strategy, then better end up their services, with a ‘Golden Handshake’, that comes with gracious benefits and recognition. Otherwise, to fire someone, without any valid reason or on the basis of simple issue, is too absurd, unsympathetic and hurting.

What’s the use of charities when we hold no sympathy for our human brothers? O, what’s sympathy then? In fact, it’s to feel pricking pain in your heart when someone gets hurt. That feeling is, after all, sympathy!

When you reward someone, with means of livelihood, then you do a greater benefit. Indeed, people remember your good deeds, and you reap ‘celestial blessings’.

No corporations can succeed, in the sight of the Almighty Lord, when innocent employees suffer the suffocating folds of oppression. Let’s get out from this delusion that we can whip anyone with our anger, position and influence. Our lives are temporal, this glittering world becomes nothing when we become frail and we know not what’s written for us in our destinies.

Let’s discard hatred and nurture ourselves, and we prosper well when we treat others with all goodness and fairness.

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