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Lina Sleibi An Angelic Voice of Hope


A great representative for the Palestinian song in cultural festivals, she sang to some of the greatest Arab singers and was exceptional, she sang to Palestine and Beirut, and sang for children. Her angelic voice fills the soul with joy and calms the heart. Her songs hold messages of peace and love sent out from Palestine to the world.

AWM is proud to choose Lina Sleibi to be among our inspirational women in this issue,

You possess a wonderful voice and unique presence; tell us when and how your journey in music began?

My journey began since childhood, circumstances helped pave the way as I grew up in a family that appreciates arts and music. My grandfather was the first that heard me and encouraged me. So I went after my dream by joining the school’s and later the university’s choir and participated in various activities and concerts. My passion was not only limited to singing, as I studied the violin for four years in the Edward Said Conservatory and the Academy of Music of Bethlehem. In addition I participated in various local festivals and a number of international festivals including Belgium, Poland, Britain, France, Tunisia and Sweden.


As a Palestinian artist what are some of the challenges you face? And are these challenges obstacles standing in the way of your fame?

Difficulties and challenges are plentiful. First of all like any Palestinian there is anguish and complexity in being mobile and having lack of freedom of commuting in the cities of Palestine itself. This hinders the possibility of making some performances in various Palestinian areas. From the artistic aspect, absence of production companies and institutions that support art and adopting of young talent could delay progress for artists; who rely on personal efforts to help promote their work. But in spite of all these challenging circumstances there is no limit to my dreams and I will continue to achieve to reach my ambitions.

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You believe in tasteful music and art in a time that is flooded with vulgarity, what is the message that you would like to convey through your voice? How can art serve our objective causes?

I desire that through music to spread a positive attitude one of love and peace, and through my songs let the world see our love of life and that there is a no limit to dreams and aspirations in spite of everything. Art is the language of nations, and through its many forms convey messages about our issues that words might fail to carry to the world.


lina sleibi feature imageWhat are some of your future ambitions on a personal level and for your homeland?

My greatest ambition is to be a good role model and ambassador for my country Palestine and the Palestinian song, and be able to deliver through my voice and songs meaningful messages to the world, and to leave my mark in the world of music.




Lina Sleibi- 3am Fattish (official video) لينا صليبي- عم فتش
This interview was translated from Arabic click here:
:للعربية اضغط هنا


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  1. My husband was born in Bethlehem, West Bank and his family settled in Beit Sahour…..his extended family still there. When we heard your cover of this old song – our hearts opened so wide, as you convey, so well, the love the Palestinian people have for their country. Having been there (on visits only) 2010,2014 and 2015 I can understand why. I am Scottish, but have been married into a Palestinian family since 1975 – and how honoured and privileged I feel. Your music is truly beautiful, from the heart, and Helwa Ya Balidi and the way you performed with fellow musicians was heart warming and very much Palestinian. shuchran.. shuchran.

    We live in Australia and are members of Byron Bay Friends of Palestine (Facebook) who are amazing in their passion and high respect for Palestinians and their culture.

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