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Lived Happily Ever After…

By Kamal Sulaiman


When we were kids our parents and teachers started stories with Once Upon a Time and ended these stories with and They Lived Happily Ever After.  Sadly not anymore!

Crazy world we live in.   In this day and age, those who kill and those who are killed do not know why?  Poverty is spiraling out of control; and our earth is slowly dying.  So will we ever get back to the stories that end with “and we all lived happily ever after”?

As an optimist, I say yes we can and we should.  How do we restore sanity?  How do we promote compassion and respect?  How do we instill values of respect and tolerance and how do we rekindle our love to humanity and our environment?

The first thing I say we should do, is focus on education.  Teach children to celebrate diversity and embrace differences; teach them to forfeit short term gains for long term benefits; teach them love and not hate, and teach hope not fear.

Another thing we should do is to divorce complacency.  Get active in all that matters.  Question people when they do wrong and hold them accountable; do your share and do not rely on others.  Have an opinion.  Why should we listen to some of the media that promotes polarization and diversion; instead demand those media outlets to encourage inclusion and tolerance.

We deserve all that is good in life.  Just as we deserve to enjoy every day we are living, we are obliged to protect and safe guard our earth. Just as we expect respect from others; we should start by giving respect.  After all if we realize the delicate balance of giving first then taking second then the story will surely end with “they lived happily ever after”.


 Photo credit: dixieroadrash via / CC BY-NC-SA

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