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  1. a wonderful heart touching story and a very realistic one as just becuse of love that we get able to refree ourselves and go beyound the borders of any sort of slavery .i experienced the same story with my mother when she was attacked by cancer and felt how much love can help in soothing the pain and encouraging you to say goodbye peacefully.she loved us so much and devoted all her life for our well being and she faught against her desease till the end just because of love and her great love to us but when she lost her strength of resestrnce she left peaefully telling us i love you her and i let her go quietly because i love her and her love leberates us from any sense of sadness simply because it’s there and will never fade away

    • Thank you Souad for sharing your heartfelt story with us. May your beloved mom rest in peace, and I’m sure the love in your heart for her will live on.

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