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Macadi Nahhas the Graceful Musician

In a time that tasteful music has become a rare commodity and labels such as artist or musician is used loosely and given to not all that deserve it. A time that reputable and worthy art and music is not emphasized by our media only such music that focuses on images to draw an audience rather than high taste in music. In the midst of this chaos there are those who still shine through and give us hope that exquisite art will find a way to live on…and here Arab Woman Mag meets the shining and graceful star and prominent musician Macadi Nahhas.


Q. Macadi Nahhas,  may we know why you chose the difficult path to stardom by providing only tasteful music that depends on meaningful lyrics and beautiful melodies in an age where the fast song is on the rise and is an easy road to fame?

A. My choices are only a reflection from my upbringing, my dad- may he rest in peace- was a known Jordanian politician and writer. Our household was filled with cultural components and the quality of what we read, heard and viewed was only of utmost elegance anything demoting was never tolerated. Most importantly the path I chose is the one that would go to live on unlike air bubbles that rise and then pop and disappear.


Q. What are some challenges and obstacles that you faced? And how do you feel as you are going in an opposite current?

A. The feeling is always one of happiness especially when accomplishing successes and musical projects. Usually things you work hard for are the ones you reap great satisfaction from unlike things that come easily.

A great challenge was production; as unfortunately many producers in our Arab world don’t aim to produce high quality, cultural and respectable artistic material.


Q. Who do you owe your success and fame to?

A. Of course first and for most I owe my success to my family who believe in me and encourage me, additionally any person who gave me advice, assistance and believed in my voice and abilities in my journey;  which I consider is still in its beginning. 


Q. How do you perceive the Arabic music would be in the future? And is there hope for quality musical art in this sea of degradation?

A. Sadly the arts industry is going downhill as are our circumstances in Arab societies. I hope that this is just a passing phase, yet this cannot hide the fact that there are many amazing voices and great musicians and artists working tirelessly in efforts of creating esteemed cultural arts and music that will live on for generations to come. And it is the Arabic media’s role to highlight such great work and not just be limited to one kind of shallow music that addresses human drives rather than minds.


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:للغة العربية اضغط هناالفنانة-الراقية-مكادي-نحاس/


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  1. I am one of Macadi’s fans as she has a beautiful angelic voice singing traditional Jordanian and Iraqi songs.
    She is an amazing woman who dared to delve in areas other singers would not dare to tread.
    Thank you for having an interview with a lady who proved if women are given a chance, they will excel not just succeed.

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