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Make Love not War in Marriage

By Abdul Latif Hourani


Making up following a fight or an argument is essential to a happy, healthy lasting marriage.  It is wise not to let your partner angry or upset because of something you disagreed on or argued about for more than 24 hours. Sure give him/ her the time to cool down and the space and opportunity to think it over, and then choose the right time to sit and talk and find a middle ground to what went wrong. As each of you cannot read the other ones thoughts and might jump to misguided conclusions and let a war erupt in your own mind from your own views while all along your spouse is oblivious to the erupting volcano you created in your head.

Be smart and choose your words delicately and diplomatically, and find a way to clear the atmosphere. You are both mature adults, and should be able to communicate your side of the story or view without aggression or defensiveness.  Sometimes even if you know you are right and your spouse is wrong there is no harm in being the bigger person and apologizing, you will not lose your dignity. Your partner is your love, your secrets holder and your everything, it is not a competition. Just think of the long run and keep your perspective to your priorities, a happy spouse reflects on your happiness as well.

Letting go is something you need to learn as not everything is worth fighting over, pick your battles wisely. Stubbornness and being contradictive is a recipe for divorce. Don’t challenge your partner in everything and do the opposite; many people do that and expect happiness in return? You want to be treated with love and respect? Then show your spouse the same love and respect, what goes around comes around, at the end what is important is the harmony of the family unit and being reasonable, responsible and satisfied.


Photo credit: Tetra Pak / Foter / CC BY-SA

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  1. Why. If my so called partner deserves a war then war it is.

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