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Marriage or Education?

When we are young we all have our share of big dreams and there comes a point where one is at a cross road, and we have a choice to make, but sometimes our choices are influenced by factors beyond our control. So what will young girls choose? Education first or marriage? What is the priority?


Ola Fareed, 17 yrs

“currently I am still a student and at the moment this is my main focus, for the past 11 years I’ve been consumed by books and studies to help me become a productive person in society, to help me be independent  and I will not allow anyone even if it is my husband to brush away all my hard work.”


Maha Yaseen, 37 yrs

“at the end of the day a girls destiny is to be a wife so the way I see it is spending all those years studying and working hard is a waste of time. In fact I encourage marriage at an early age, and I am an example of a well educated woman who ended up as a housewife and nothing more. A man wants a wife not a student, therefor marriage is defiantly more important.”


Fatima `Mahmoud, 23 yrs

“I believe both are equal in importance and one does not cancel out the other, why not for a girl to continue her education even if she got engaged or married? On the contrary this will add to her happiness and respect to her spouse who supports her . I know several success stories of women getting married and continued their education without interfering in their married life, and maybe all it takes is some encouragement from the husband.”


Mariam Ahmad, 25 yrs

“that is my greatest loss and pain, how much I longed to continue my education, but under the persistant presuure from my family I gave in and got married and my education took a back seet. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think what will happen to me if life turned on me? How will I be able to raise my children and provide for them? Will I sit and wait around for people’s charitiy and I mourn my loss and life and blame the ones responsible for taking away my education from me.”


Dina Saeed, 45 yrs

“times has changed from when I was younger, at that time marriage was the priority and the better choice for a girl, but today things have changed. There are those who willingly accept marriage over education due to not liking studying and working hard, and there are those whom find marriage as an escape from the pressure of family not realizing that she needs education to know how to raise new generations and here the children are the ones whom suffer.  And we have the other spectrum those young girls who set out their goals and dreams and work hard to achieve success in education and the work place and this in turn helps them be successful wives and mothers, but then a sect from our society comes in and voices she “missed the train for marriage” and the girl falls in confusion between her choices. What satisfaction it is to find the solution that suits you better and makes you happy and be able to balance both career and marriage.”


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