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Married to an Uneducated Man


couple11Married to an Uneducated Man

How does a girl in our society look at an uneducated man? And is it possible for an educated girl to marry one of a less caliber? Here we asked a few of our women readers to add insight:

Rana Mohammad, 23 years

“No it is not possible. I am an educated girl how could I get along with someone less educated? This will create a gap between us and drive us apart. And with his minimal education the chances of a good paying job is slim and living a life of good standards is not possible.”

Sabreen Saeed, 19 years

“Maybe I would consider his level of intellect to take my decision. Some men are not educated yet are very informed and outspoken and have great ideas and wisdom, if he also treats me well and with respect then it is O.K. What good would his education be to me if he has a closed mind?”

Hana Ibrahim, 36 years

“After my experience I say yes it is possible. Most of the graduates are ones of just learning without understanding, a woman needs a man who is ready to take on the world and understand her.”

Mira George, 30 years

“No, it would be difficult to sustain such a relationship, as most men hate women excelling more than them in any field. After a very hard personal experience I say if time could go back, then no. The man would degrade the woman to help his ego and he will always feel inferior to her and put the blame on the woman. Such a relationship would not last long.”


Ola Ghanem, 24 years

“No, I have to admit I care about what people think and say and my social image, and being a wife to an uneducated man is something I do not want. The first encounter when someone asks what does your husband do? Or what did he graduate from?  Would cause embarrassment, not to mention that the likely hood of him landing a good or even decent job is dim and end up working in a dead ended trade.”


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