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Maybe its OK to lie… or is it not?

By Najwan Al Khatib


In the light of our evolving fast world, human behavior tend to become more and more complicated to the point that it can be unexplained… a mystery… Not only did we become a species that developed from living inside caves into living in a 200 level tower, we also became “sophisticated” in mental development and social behavior. Our daily lives does not only fall between right and wrong which seemed to be easily distinguished before, or to put it simply “black or white”; it became all shades of grey in between, and the shades has even more shadows within them.

We allow ourselves to lie every day and excuse ourselves in doing so by justifying it in our heads and to people that this is the right thing to do and is the benefit to the bigger ultimate picture. We lobby, deceive, go around in circles and mask the actual intention of it all just to succeed by any means possible. Some, I discovered consider it cleverness, others consider it tactful, others consider it business, others consider it victory, and some just hide underneath all these lies so as not to be exposed of whom they truly are; people who are unable to achieve what they want because they know deep inside how weak or insecure they are… Whatever reason maybe, once the mask drops, respect shatters and there is no way to repair it ever again.

I am no Psychotherapist; I am just a human viewing others, and it intrigues me the way people think, behave and act… The most amazing one I noticed is that people who lie believe in their hearts and minds that they are not lying and consistently wholeheartedly deny it. It comes to a point that one can actually get confused. Try this for play: listen to a problem between two humans; each one on his own, you will instantly realize that you have two versions and both are seemingly the absolute truth, how can this be? My answer is that each person has a different perception, different analysis and different adaptation to circumstances around him that each one of them led to an interpretation and emotion different than the other.

But why lie in the first place? What would happen if people became just candid and became straight shooters instead of backstabbers in the dark? This is not Utopia; don’t we all win if we just accepted one another as we are and learnt to respect opinions no matter how much we found it disagreeable or eccentric? Wouldn’t we then live healthy rounded lives that would pass on to generations to come? They teach us these days to be open-minded, acceptance of others, they teach us diversity, to respect all people from all walks of life… and then come contradiction and the lying just keeps on building till you no longer can see the truth and almost EVERYONE around you becomes suspicious. Trust is lost, respect is gone and tolerance becomes intolerance; we become frustrated, outraged, troubled and depressed. And instead of admitting to a problem, we lobby around even more and more.

Truth becomes unacceptable, it becomes “rude”, blunt and “the exception to the rule”… Funny… everything turned upside down… But wait; didn’t we all live in caves and now we live in a 200 building tower??? So maybe it’s OK to lie… or is it not?

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