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Men PMSing?

By Mira Khatib


Cramps, hot flashes, headaches, nausea, back pain and mood swings are all signs that many women are accustomed to during their menstrual cycle. But what we are not accustomed to is that these symptoms no longer belong to just women. Yes you heard right, men decided to steal the thunder and get their own PMS better known as IMS (Irritable male syndrome).

Research has shown that men go through hormonal cycles just like women, and those whom suffer decreased testosterone levels may fall prey to IMS. Dr. Aimee Aubeeluck of the University of Derby carried out a study by asking 50 different men and 50 different women about their symptoms usually associated with PMS, he said: “men actually scored higher than women in everything apart from water retention.”

Men spoke out about suffering from poor concentration, hyper-sensitivity, anger, feeling depressed, lack of arousal, being antisocial and feeling pain from cramps and headaches. It seems that the reason for men complaining more than women is due to their suspected lack of tolerance to pain and illness than women. And many women have grown used to these symptoms therefor don’t give it as much attention as some of these men.

Yet in another study in Massachusetts, found that testosterone declined gradually with age, at about one percent a year. And the symptoms of IMS were more related to an unhealthy lifestyle than hormonal changes.

So next time the men in your life complain of symptoms that may raise your concerns, share this with your doctor. Some diet changes, stress relief advice, even remedies and medications might be prescribed.

And although we woman thought that PMS is something we could call our own, but next time your man uses the IMS “card”  and starts whining, give him a break…don’t forget us women have been asking our male partners to be more understanding and accepting around that time of month as well. I guess it is our turn to return the favor.


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