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Mompreneurs are on the Move!



More and more moms are starting their own businesses at home and loving it. Today’s technology makes it so easy to start a business, share ideas, and market/advertise a small business than ever dreamed possible just 20 years ago. We call these innovative women “mompreneurs” because they are moms working for themselves, and doing a darn good job at it.

Why are moms choosing to work from home? Kids are the biggest factor. Working from home gives mompreneurs a chance to use their working skills while taking care of their own children. Some moms just want to escape the rat race of the job world, or want to earn extra income so they have petty cash of their own. It may seem like the perfect win-win situation for any mom who wants to work from home, but it can be a challenge to balance work life with home life, even when your office is in your living room. Take a look at some business-balancing tips for moms who work from home.

Avoid Unrealistic Expectations

When you begin a business at home your mind is undoubtedly racing with thoughts and ideas that get you so excited that you can’t sleep at night. It happens to us all. While you need these ideas to help you generate a more successful business, try not to put too much pressure on yourself to achieve too much at once. Building an at-home business takes time. If you go slowly and jot your ideas down as you get them, you will find that some of your ideas need to be tossed to the wind, while others need your immediate attention. Trying to act on all of your expectations at once will only make you feel over-stressed and hopeless. Working from home is a real option, if you go about it with the right frame of mind.

Working Hours Defined

A lot of mompreneurs find themselves working unthinkable hours. You might do paperwork from 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., and then make calls to clients in the afternoon hours. Sometimes you just have to fit in your work where time allows. It is also so easy to put in way more hours when working at home than you would allow yourself to work in the job marketplace. The important key here is to have a plan. You can schedule yourself just as you would if you were working out of the home. Your hours may be strange, but once your body is used to a routine, no matter what it is, you will be more focused on what tasks you are going to complete and when they are to get done. Definitely schedule in family time and important family dates as well, so those do not get kicked to the curb.

No Procrastination Allowed

If you want a successful business, you have to work at it, especially if you are depending on this business as a necessary second income for the family. Filling your days up with playgroups and luncheons won’t make your business grow. In fact, it won’t make your wallet grow either. Yes, spending time with your children is important, and you do not want to neglect their needs, but some moms do find themselves in a situation of procrastinating with their business to play more than they should. Keep a tight focus on why you want to work at home. Post your business goals in front of your workspace to remind you of why you started an at-home business.

Financial freedom, extra income, second income, are all reasons why mompreneurs are popping up all over the world. Whatever your goals for having your own business and working from home are, it is a real option, and the opportunities are boundless. The key is not so much what business you are going to start, as it is how you will run your business and keep your wits about you at the same time. With the help of the tips presented here, may you have a prosperous and enjoyable work at home experience.


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