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When Mothers Become Breadwinners

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad

A job opportunity—whether it’s an optimal or on the average—for a married woman is always a second thought.

Being hooked up in wedlock, and taking up the helm of both domestic and external world is simply painful burden. To be thoroughly loving better half (a person’s wife) at home, a caring mother to her kids, and then juggling her routine duties at workplace require dual spirits and guts.

But, women who, after a span of marriage, fall victims to gloomy widowhood, with treasured progeny had to surpass gruesome sufferance.

Well, if there’s some worth inheritance, then life becomes at least measurable. And, when there are no legitimate means, then there’s blistering burden, and woman, out of helplessness, is left devastated, caught up in financial constraints and probably the best way out is to gather massive courage and take up a job that can reward her  a healthy livelihood, ray of hope and timely solace.

It’s not that easy for a woman to become a breadwinner—I mean, of course, there are hindrances from within family members or others’ vain gossips to belittle her motivation to work on a new job.

On the contrary, in some scenarios, the wicked thing is that the male member of a family—the husband—becomes thoughtlessly slack, and the least stay-at-home wife turns up into a working woman.

Well, if an educated, able woman finds her husband well caring, responsible and sober, then her married life would be a blessing.

What if a qualified woman is married to a negligent, reckless and lazy husband? Life changes soon into a misery, and upon becoming a mother, there’s an imbalance, hard times that shrinks her little world. With an expanded family, domestic tension does not lessen, but it grows when there’s more of father’s irresponsibility. It is in such circumstances, married mothers turn themselves into breadwinners—though strenuous for them, but it gives them a distinct identity to think about well being of their children.

In some cases, working wives bear the brunt when their idle husbands want a share from their salaries. It’s so disgusting!

Then, there’s partial isolation when working mothers are away from home, away from their kids. In the presence of childcare providers, kids play and grow, and on the weekends, working mothers feel wonderful and joyous to stay at home and spend their times with their children. Okay, there’s care from nannies, but working mothers shouldn’t forget that their kids need motherly love, good care and considerate fostering. It should be a balancing act—being working mothers, they should also busy themselves towards good parenting. That way, they certainly feel happy at their homes while having no stress at their workplaces.

That’s the best role of women—who work modestly, who earn living and are decisive in matters of spending their money on their families and quality childcare. Being a full time parent and raise a family is all goodness and comforting, but, a woman who builds her home with love and care while working to support her family is at distinction.

Aha…so, working mothers who cherish being breadwinners have their own anecdotes…but then, they are proud, caring mothers, who support their families by necessity, raise their children and still can be happy with their earnings and parenting roles. Isn’t that fantastic?

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