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Moving Forward: Overcome Fear & Discouragement

By  Latonia Price 

Everyone encounters issues in life. Some issues can be overwhelming. These issues can cause you to be reluctant in making positive changes in life. You may have worked with others, set goals for yourself, and even written them all down on a piece of paper. However, it’s easy to say and/or write goals. It’s different when you actually have to put action to achieving those goals.

One common issue is fear. Fear can literally keep someone from doing anything. Fear can be based on past experiences that were unpleasant. Also, fear can also be based on just not knowing what will happen. No one knows the future. Doctors can tell you what the possible results will be but they always have to include the disclaimer that nothing is 100%. Even paternity test comes out 99.999%. There are ways to overcome fear.

One way is to understand where the fear comes from. If the fear comes from not knowing, then find out. Ask questions. Research the Internet for reliable sources of information. Read a book on the topic. Gain enough knowledge where you become comfortable about what you didn’t know before. A second way to overcome fear is to embrace it. Accepting that fear is a part of the process of moving forward towards achieving your goals is something that works for most people. It motivates and strengthens their self-confidence because when they embrace fear, they normally conquer fear.

Another common issue is discouragement. Discouragement can occur when there are constant roadblocks and hindering issues that occur to slow down your progress towards your goals. When you have set goals and target dates but you the target date keeps getting extended, it can begin to become discouraging. There are ways to overcome discouragement.

One way is to gain a different perspective on the situation. Consider the ‘no progress yet’ as another chance to get it right. Consider it a positive opportunity to make some adjustment and even allowing a little more time. Sometimes going too quickly towards your goals may not be good. Everyone has their own timeline for achieving goals. The goals may be similar but the timeline won’t be. A second way to overcome discouragement is to speak encouragement. Saying positive affirmations can help you keep up your motivation to keep going. It can also help you not to focus too much on the blockage or the issue that is hindering your progress. Your focus should be your end goal – no matter what it takes to achieve it!

Fear and discouragement are common issues everybody faces throughout life. Recognizing that you can overcome them can help empower you to continue moving forward with achieving your goals!


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One comment

  1. A person’s worst enemy is fear. it brings out the worst in a person. The worst may be low self esteem, mistrust of others, mistrust of life and all the negative thoughts.
    To fight fear we can keep building our resources for the right moment to come. i also agree that we can explore the area we like to get into and that way we can move akead with confidence.
    Goals in my opinion may work at times and others. There are so many factors that impact our timeline. So besides planning and setting timelines we need to understand factors we do not have control over and be flexible. To me, the drive is passion, more than goals.
    Challenges and setbacks are always there. Some people fall down and stay there. Others get up, learn a lesson and move forward. it is your choice how you react to failure.
    Never give up. The end is never an end except in the case of death. So keep living and keep going.

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