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My Trip in the Tunnel (Episode 3)

reem  By Reem Ahmed

During this scary, yet interesting journey I met great souls, scared souls, tortured souls and corrupted ones. As I came across new people, I learned numerous new lessons, gained additional wisdom, recovered more energy and took new proactive actions in all directions. I passed through people from different religions, cultures and ages and all kept reminding me about the necessity to have faith and trust that GOD is preparing me for something better, and I have to completely surrender to his wisdom until truth is uncovered.

I noticed several times the guard was trying to clone me without letting me know about it, so that I don’t get to know my importance, but he did not realize that by trying to put me in the shadow and encouraging others (including himself) to mimic me, I’ll certainly notice it and assure my value which I have already discovered. His tight thinking drifted him away from the inevitable truth of nature, that is every human being (including myself and anyone else) is a unique creation and combination of heart, mind and soul evolved with time depending on the whole life journey they traveled and reflected their own experience on; which no power in the world can mimic with perfection. People may try, but they eventually discover that nothing in the world is as powerful as being authentic and being their own selves.

The unfortunate reality is despite knowing the fact that every human being is unique, some people keep resisting living their own lives and being their own selves, and I can do nothing but feeling sorry for them for not valuing themselves enough to show their true self. They misunderstood it all, and don’t want to learn neither from others’ mistakes, nor from their own.

I kept hearing the statement “fake it until you make it”, and for me it was complete nonsense, because believe it or not, if you fake it, you can never make it, as if you do fake it people who have smart souls will surely figure out that you are lying. And if you want honest advice, I’ll tell you: “try your best to live it and be it, live your truth, and cultivate yourself until you become and live again the better new self you wanted to be. If you respect yourself enough, then show it, don’t mimic others because this will cause you to lose your own identity, and live in internal misery your whole life, even if you try to hide this misery from others, it does not really matter, because the lack of your self-respect will kill the happiness in your own soul every single day”.


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