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Never too late

By Enas Radi

I am so excited to write to you dear; yes…  Aha….oh I mean you and everyone who can read and be able to feel the essence of my humble words. I am Enas, a pharmacist, a family therapist and a parent educator who works currently in the UAE deaf community as a counselor and American Sign Language teacher for the deaf. Everyday in my line of work I meet wonderful mums and amazing kids, as well as families from all over the world. 15 years earlier in my career, I had a special need to fulfill. I had my first son Ahmad, who was born as a normal preterm baby then got brain damage due to hypoxia. I do believe that Allah sent me this young man who is 15 years old now to be my second teacher in this life after my beloved husband and before him my sweet mum. My whole life changed after that day. The way I think, the way I deal with people and even how I see myself. I started learning and working on my mind and soul to bring a better me that can help this baby become able to live in my community. After all these years of learning in many fields, I am now able to say  it is “ Never too late to learn!”

When I see how I perceived such a concept in the past, I find myself totally changed. I once said: I am done with pharmacy studies, no more exams and late nights drinking coffee to help keep open my sleepy eyes! I am since then still learning and learning every day! I think this is one of the great reasons we are in this world. We are here to learn something new every day! Most importantly is to apply and benefit from what we know or learn; I think that is the bigger benefit which in turn brings out shiny more benefits! This is what I share with people every day and everywhere. People are not only eager to learn new things but also re-examine their own well established values and priorities. After enjoying this revolution in technology and economics our world is shaking with the dot com phenomenon. Sometime good and other times tough but our world changes in dramatic way that urges changing ourselves.

This life taught me, never to give up, it is never too late and as long as we are breathing there is always room to grow and improve. Don’t put yourself down or allow hard circumstances, or negative people draw you away from developing yourself. Don’t fall prey to the assumption that it is easier just to give up; sure it is easier to sit and do nothing, but eventually even that would take its toll on you and cause more suffering. Although learning and growing intellectually and spiritually may sound overwhelming and difficult yet trust me when i say it will be worth it in the end, especially when you share this knowledge with others. It always feels good to give back, so start with yourself.



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