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No Regrets


By Amal Al Harithi


Years ago I was a woman living in the past, my only hobby was to  rewind the tape of my life over and over again, visualizing myself as the accused, lawyer, and judge at the same time. Evaluating each incident, every decision I made, torturing myself with what if? And why? Accused myself with the verdict of…GUILTY ….most often.

The harsh feeling of regret was occupying me accompanied by fear, anxiety and hatred for those who hurt me. I reached a critical moment in my life where I had to choose between two paths, either I will live the rest of my life being depressed, unsuccessful and shaky, or I have to be reborn. After an aggressive inner conflict, I ultimately chose the second path.

The past has passed with all its ups and downs, remaining stuck there will only prevent me from having a future.  If I regret ten years of my life now, they are going to be 20 and thirty or even a life time of regret if I didn’t change.

I started a new career where I found my lost self. I built a strong personality one that is not easily broken, I forced myself to forget, forgive and I moved on.

I met lots of people whom went through more awful experiences than I did, I learned from them determination, forgiveness and patience. I learned that everyone goes through hard challenges, successful people don’t allow themselves to get paralyzed when faced with obstacles, instead they find ways to overcome them, taking good from the bad, and walking away with valuable lessons for the future.

The key is to keep on moving forward!


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  1. Love the article.. we torure our selves by assuming we are victims.. keep moving forward Dear .. god bless

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