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Oh dear “YOU”!

By Khawla Mabrouki, Morocco (BA student, writer)


I know that people hope usually to receive a letter from a specific person. My letter is for every waiting reader. You are AMAZING!

I am writing to tell you some words that will delight you at the end of the letter. Firstly, you are so innovative and genius. Don’t feel weak because I see your strength in your bravery and motivation. I recognize your strong will in keeping on trying even after failure. I see your desire to succeed; though life disappoints you sometimes.

Secondly, you are just wonderful the way you are. You have a shining face that should never frown. You have a big and pure heart full of love, estimation, generosity, fidelity, loyalty. Briefly you gather all the goodness inside you. What makes me really astonished! You don’t hesitate to smile in your tough times and you can easily cry when your heart is melted down with unexpected pleasing news. You must feel proud of yourself and don’t wait for others’ appreciation because your brightness is inside you dear “YOU”



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