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Omar Khayrat Tunes


For sure dear reader you have enjoyed and come across the musical tunes of Omar Khayrat that have accompanied many television series since childhood.

This exceptional Egyptian musician comes from a long line of well-known family artists. He has performed in many significant and memorable concerts.

Will let you enjoy this musical piece from “laylat al qabd ala fatemah” and let the music speak for its self and reveal more about this remarkable musician.



For Arabic click the link:

:للغة العربية اضغط هناعمر-خيرت-ليلة-القبض-على-فاطمة

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One comment

  1. Tariq Al Harithi

    This music took me 30 years back in time, I still remember it.
    can you please add Adnan wa Lina, Grandizar, Dameer Ablah Hekmat, Ana wenta w Baba fel Meshmesh….etc
    and offcourse Rafat Al Hajjan that no one can forget it.

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