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One Angry Man

By Sami Mohammad


Funny enough this angry man has a lot going for him; a supportive and great family, peaking career; and good friends. This man is also very spiritual who seeks refuge and inner peace in his religion. This man is the most generous and giving and always puts his family’s needs ahead of his. This man only knows how to give and never take. He is the most caring and passionate person and can never hurt anybody. So why angry?

Let us take it from the start; most of what is deemed “small stuff” ticks him off. Driving can turn into an unpredictable swearing fiasco; a misplaced car keys into a frustrating and stressful hunt; friends or family being late to an appointment a nuisance beyond reason; standing in a queue a waste of time that will most certainly lead to an agonizing experience; a small talk with the gardener, the pool maintenance guy, the bank teller or a work colleague any of whom did not understand what is required from the first time may turn into an agonizing discussion.

While the above is true; lot of effort is put by this angry man into curbing his explosive emotions. As a matter of fact, the above examples while still true are insignificant to what was experienced many years ago. Maybe maturing, or learning to better control ones emotions or simply a case of a continuous conscious and internal battle to subdue the anger is what is making this angry man seem to be less angry.

After searching hard within this angry man’s soul; the conclusion is that this man needs to love himself more and find things that please him first and then please all others.

Maybe the morale of this story is to recognize that it is OK to love yourself and have a bit of selfishness. It is also normal to have fun. Sweating the small stuff is simply wrong and putting everyone before yourself is a recipe for anger. Look inside of you and find the source of your anger and find a way to resolve it to be able to live a better tempered life.

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  1. I can frankly say this is the exact description of my husband…very loving and generous. Also very angry.
    He was angry for a few long years until he broke down under stress…and for a few years we have been dealing with the impact of stress on his and our life as a family.
    I learned a number of things from my experience:
    Most importantly, not to take his anger personally. I used to do that.
    People may not heal from such case but may improve and learn how to deal with their anger. It is possible, though, to break down at a small obstacle.
    The reason for all this anger is the lack of satisfaction, fulfillment and trust in what he does.
    Anger and stress can be contagious. It can also be hereditary and goes into children’s genes.
    Anger and stress of parents impacts children negatively to a high degree.

  2. Another Angry Man

    Many things I relate to in this feature. However lack of self worth/self love resonate the most.
    I am not sure how people can learn to love themselves first?

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