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An Open Letter from Fear 

By Cassidy Rich

I like to torment people. I keep people from doing things that just might hurt them. I whisper in people’s ears, a little bit at a time, and get my message stuck in their heads. Sometimes, though, I flood people with all kinds of thoughts and quickly take over their minds. The power I possess is immense and yet so simple. I fill people with everything from sudden irrationality to deeply contemplated feelings and thoughts. People, though, like to deny me. They make up excuses so as not to say my name because my name can be associated with other words such as “wimpy” or “scared.” But I don’t mind.  I don’t get my satisfaction from recognition. I am fulfilled when I have shackled someone to their current circumstance and keep them from moving forward. When this happens I know I have complete control. And control is what I crave.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am Fear. I am all over the world, catering to every single human being’s weakness. I attack people where they’re weak because that is easiest. For example, if there is a girl who feels insecure about her body because she’s not skinny like her peers or doesn’t have perfect skin, I whisper “you’re fat”, “you’re ugly,” and “you’ll never measure up” messages to her. It’s that easy. She soon begins to fear that she’ll never get a boyfriend because no guy will be able to see past her “fat frame” or “zit-covered” face. Social media has been an incredible tool for me because I am able to use the pictures that girls post to send messages to the insecure girls. Young women who think they look “good” keep posting photos of themselves and the girls who want to emulate the skinny young women feel disgusting when they see these photos. I know full-well that these photos are extremely airbrushed and nothing but fake, but the insecure girls don’t seem to care. All they see is this perfect image and know they will never measure up. I am able to shackle these insecure girls to a place of “I’ll never be good enough” and “I deserve nothing good.” Boom. I have them in my possession and let me tell you, it is hard to break out of my shackles.

I may be Fear and I may hold incredible power, but I have a secret. I am afraid. Weird, right? I’ll repeat that so it’s clear: I AM AFRAID. What am I afraid of exactly? I am afraid of the moments when people do break my shackles. I hate those moments with every fiber of my existence. It doesn’t happen often, but when someone decides to ignore my messages and rips through the chains that I have so easily clasped on their life, it stings. It stings when someone leaves my grasp because I know that I will have to change my tactics if I am to get them back in my possession. The messages I used the first time will not work if I am to go after them again. Sure, I can easily go gain another person because of the some-billion people in the world, but honestly, the sight of someone running away out of my grasp and towards my enemies makes me feel like a failure. Who are my enemies, you ask? Those horrible things called Hope, Love, Freedom, Grace, Mercy, and Joy.




From the Author: “I am currently a senior at Grand Canyon University, double majoring in History and Communications and graduating in December 2016. I love writing and putting my thoughts on paper, so I am hoping that when I graduate I can work for a company or organization in a position that requires a significant amount of writing. I currently write for my university’s chapter of Her Campus, an online forum for female college students.”


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