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Open letter to the women in my life

By Hussain Zafer


I am certain words will fail me and I won’t do justice in reflecting my deep feelings to the women in my life. It is at this very second where I wish I was a brilliant writer to dash out every bit of emotion inside of me and say without reservations how much I love, respect and appreciate the women in my life and for that matter all the women that make this world a great place to live in.

Let me take a moment to reflect on why I adore and love my women. When I think of my mom I feel and remember the selfless, boundless love of my mother that will without reservation give up her happiness, her life to make any of her children happy even for a day. When I think of both my sisters I learn the meaning of sacrifice, the meaning for everyday struggle to make all around them happy and with little or no regards to their own happiness. When I hold my daughters I see how my future will be cared for, their gentle touch and their unconditional love now and forever. And finally my wife, my love, my partner and my soul mate who feels my happiness and my pain before I say or do anything; my wife who listens to my stories even when I don’t listen to hers; who takes care of me when I am ill even if she is ill.

I am sure I am not alone in this world who is blessed to have amazing women in their lives.

With this in mind; the real questions now are; how can someone return the love? How can we respect and appreciate the women in our lives?

Life is not about winners and losers, not about strong and weak. Men need to treat their wives just like they expect their sons in law treat their daughters! Male workers need to appreciate their female coworkers just like they expect to have their bosses appreciate them. Harmony is what makes us better,

I end with an open letter to say to all the women in my life, I simply love you all. I would have not been who I am if I haven’t learnt something from each one of you. I will always be indebted to you. And I urge all men reading this article to join in acknowledging and appreciating the women in their lives. It is not hard to say I love you or thank you to those that deserve it the most.

With lots of love to all the women n my life.

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