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By Mira Khatib


Everything hurts almost every part of my body, other than my eyelashes maybe. It’s week three on my new fitness journey and I’ve been very religious in my daily workouts not missing a day averaging an hour or more each time…you’d think I am shrinking, right? Well think again, for some reason my body is not working with me. The scale hasn’t budged since I started but I do see changes here and there, everything seems tighter and a bit stronger.
Still I am the kind of person who is hung on the number on the scale, and although as a professional I know that the number on the scale shouldn’t be the true measure of my progress and that I am gaining muscle and that weighs a lot more than fat. Yet every time I step on that scale I can’t help but feel a little frustrated as the same number appears time and time again.
You might tell me it’s my diet. I thought so too, the first ten days I ate as I pleased, and when I realized that change is happening slowly, I began watching what I eat too. I’m very careful on how many calories I take and where these calories are coming from.
I am blaming my baby steps to old age, I remember a time when if I went to bed without dinner I would be a kilo lighter the next morning. Now days even if I eat very sensibly days at a time, still nothing. Yet I am hanging in there and I am determined to keep working, my greater goal is getting fit and not thin by a number on the scale.
I love the workout program I am following, “8 week fat loss program round 3” from Fitness Blender. If you haven’t heard about it already, I advise you to check it out. a free website with a professional couple of trainers who really know what they are doing. Their routines are easy to follow although sometimes challenging, yet there is something for everyone and many of the routines don’t need any equipment. Their programs are designed to do in the comfort of your own home. Letting you know how many calories you are burning in most workouts and for what level. And if you need something more structured you can get one of their fat burning programs for a small donation.

It’s a great blessing to have your own personal trainer in the privacy of your own home and only in a click of a button at no cost. But it does take a lot of discipline, determination, focus and patience. Change doesn’t happen overnight and progress even if slow is still moving forward in the right direction.
So if anyone out there is feeling frustrated, challenged and thinking about giving in the towel, I say hang in there, and keep in my mind why you started out in the first place. Your health should be your priority and walking on that path to getting there is a path worth taking.


Photo credit: dno1967b / Foter / CC BY

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