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Dr. Maha Broum Author of Parenting Under Stress

The beginning was in Saida Lebanon, where Dr. Maha Broum’s passion for learning and reading was ignited, and from the city of Saida her journey commenced to Tennessee in the USA, and from there to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. During the Lebanese civil war, she was completing her Master’s and PHD in the USA in the field of Educational Administration.

After years of travel between America, Lebanon and Canada, Dr. Broum settled in Canada and worked as an educational consultant to several schools and universities, through her work and experience Dr. Maha dealt with students of all ages and nationalities, also she worked with students with learning difficulties.

As a mother, wife, teacher and counselor for education, Dr. Maha decided to put the outcome of her expertise in a unique book about education and parenting “Parenting Under Stress”. In her book Dr. Broum explains that the common notion that children are responsible for causing parents stress is inaccurate, and in many cases is the opposite. Stressed out parents bring back those negative feelings to the home and this is reflected on the children and cause them a sense of pressure, tension and turmoil and in many cases may end up leading to depression.

In her book Dr. Maha attributes the increase of stress in parents is caused by many reasons exacerbated in the current era, including: social isolation, change in the role of women, the lack of conviction, different lifestyles, fear of the future, and misunderstandings; things that are more common in the institution of marriage.

Dr. Maha added,

parenting under stress book coverUsually couples suffer, especially men from internal conflict. Some men are convinced there is a need for the wife to work; to help bear burdens of living, but refuse to give up the gains inherited by the traditional man, and he becomes fully aware that his wife’s responsibilities exceeds her interest in him and the household working for long hours outside the home, and yet he cannot give up on the idea that he hasn’t got his wife’s complete attention and care.

Another problem that many families face, from one or both spouses is the fear from the future to the point of depriving the family from enjoying life, and eventually years pass and one wakes up to find himself without that desired sense of security wasting many years without making the most of  one’s days with his family.

Dr. Maha went on to say,

One must be free from fear and chronic anxiety; because of its negative effects on each member of the family, and for everyone to take a deep breath, and deal with life quietly and calmly, we’re not in a race against time, life is a journey and it is best for all members of the family to enjoy it as should be.

There are no magic solutions for all these societal problems, Said Dr. Maha, but knowing the problem is the first step in solving it, both spouses must be aware that stress does not benefit the family or lead to a better future. On the contrary, years later one will discover that he wronged his family by spreading negativity and tension in the house. The solution is to stay calm and engage in dialogue.

The aim of the book is to raise awareness and highlight one of the most common problems faced by families which is stress, and its negative effects on the whole family, I would advise men and women and all those about to get married and every member of the community to read this book “Parenting Under Stress”; for the wealth of knowledge it contains would surely benefit the community as a whole.

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