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Patience the path to Serenity

By Mira Khatib

In my modest journey passing through this life, I think I have finally discovered a hidden truth. A truth, which will lead to the essence of fulfillment and satisfaction. A reality, that many might know but not be aware of; or comprehend its power and its effect on the outlook on life and its reflection in our souls.

It is so simple yet in its simplicity lays its strength. It is patience, which in my opinion is the virtue of only good things to come. I say this after many heartfelt experiences not just my own but from people around me. It seems if only we learn to be patient we would discover true happiness.

Let me explain, in our nature as humans we are always very hasty, wanting our goals and desires to be attained immediately or at the very least as soon as possible. We feel frustrated in waiting to achieve and always are in a rush to react, judge and misinterpret the out come of most situations. We might think that certain conditions are working against us, preventing us from turning our dreams into realities, obstacles that are destroying hope of accomplishments. While in reality they are most likely to be blessings in disguise if only we had the patience to recognize their true worth.

When a situation doesn’t go our way, we feel sad and angered, we question why life is against us, why our existence is so terrible and nothing seems to work.

Well let me ask you this “what’s the rush?” We run around all the time with dreams in perspective and although life isn’t good enough now but surely it will be better later, or will it?

Well the truth that I have learned is that the moment you are living in is your life now. This is it. It won’t be enhanced unless you make it better then and there, in that moment. Fooling yourself into thinking that later would be much better is cheating yourself from now, and that is no way to live. For even in the future where you have this perfect image of life you will have a set of worries to come along with it, as for surely by now you must have learned there is no such thing as perfection. So be patient when living the moment now, and embrace it for what its worth.

Although we all know for sure that we each have our time to depart this world, yet we live believing we are invincible or some how eternal and that while we don’t have the time now for that walk in the park or taking the time to spend with the people we love so much we some how assure ourselves we will do it sometime later, but do we have guarantees that we will be around later?

If only we had the wisdom and patience to find out the hidden blessing within what might seem a tragedy, life won’t seem so bad. Let me give an example, a friend of mine who was engaged to be married, was madly in love with her fiancé and there wasn’t anything more she wanted than settling down and begin building her new life with her new partner. But soon after things started to take another turn and she felt a change in his attitude she got worried and soon her worries where clarified. Her loving fiancé turned out to be an unfaithful man; it broke her heart and trust and eventually the relationship ended. She went through many tears and many memories and many lonely nights, she didn’t understand why this happened to her, life was just so unfair. But the truth of the matter it was the fairest and best thing that had happened to her. From that experience she grew stronger and realized if he betrayed her while they where just in the beginning of their new life, then what would stop him from doing it later on when life becomes more of a routine filled with responsibilities, the difference is, finding out when she did, she had the opportunity to get out. Sure it was painful, but it is better than ending in a divorce and having heartbroken kids with more complicated issues to over come. Now she knows that somewhere out there is still a special someone for her who will love her and respect her and that taught her to be more patient because surely only good things will come.

Personally I learned to let go and be patient with situations and circumstances that might not seem to go my way, as now I have learned there is surely a blessing in disguise from within and all I need to do is have faith and trust and let go and eventually the truth will unravel and I will see the happiness that awaits and the fulfillment I crave.

It isn’t an easy thing to let go, to surrender and be patient but when in your heart you believe that the path you are walking is guided by a higher power filled with love you know that only for sure good things will come. You will feel new strength within you, as you would have reached your own peaceful resolution.

Now I know if I am faced with a new hurdle what might seem never ending and disheartening I will glance up at the sky and smile knowing that happiness is close and something wonderful is about to unfold and I will wait to find out what it may be. Living the moment for what it is and making the best of all experiences good and bad, learning and growing from each and all the time believing, surrendering and with patience I can truly say I have found my serenity. Hope you do too.


Photo credit: FRAMES OF MIND ~ Chris Preen / Foter / CC BY

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